Why the Crystalens IOL may be ideal for your cataract treatment

To successfully address the problem of cataracts, it is necessary to remove the clouded lens. This is only the first step. As doctors discovered many decades ago, removing an unhealthy lens without replacing it forced patients to wear very thick eyeglasses for the rest of their lives. At Orange County Eye Institute, we are pleased to have the latest surgical equipment and a wide selection of replacement lenses to help our patients regain optimal visual acuity.

How replacement lenses work

Cataract surgery involves creating a tiny opening in the front area of the capsule that holds the natural lens. This allows the removal of the lens without compromising the surgeon’s ability to insert a new one.

Intraocular lenses are designed with a central optical zone. They are held in place with haptics, or legs, which attach to the inside of the capsule. It is differences in these legs that separate the accommodating IOL, such as the Crystalens, from the monofocal IOL. Accommodating lenses have legs that are somewhat flexible. This allows them to work in concert with the eyes’ natural muscle movements. As movements occur, the range of clear vision is expanded, leading to better vision at all distances.

In cataract treatment, the choice of IOL will affect the degree of reliance on corrective eyewear as well as visual nuances that may occur. Many patients who choose an accommodating IOL experience only temporary side effects such as halos or glare. The risk of lasting side effects seems to be very minimal. These issues are discussed in detail during your consultation for cataract surgery.


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What to expect after cataract treatment

One of the benefits of cataract surgery performed today is that recovery time is minimal. Over the course of two weeks, middle vision progressively sharpens. Improvements may continue for a few months as the eyes strengthen and adapt to their new lenses.

Cataract treatment may differ slightly from one person to the next. Dr. George Salib has treated thousands of patients, helping them regain a better quality of life by tailoring care to their needs. To learn more about cataract removal and your options for lens replacement, call our Laguna Hills office.


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