How to know when to go to the eye doctor

What many people tend to assume is that the eye doctor is the person you visit when you desire innovative treatments for vision correction, or when there is a problem that cannot be fixed with eyeglasses or contact lenses. In reality, even those who are fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision could benefit from ophthalmic assessments every now and then. This is because there is no better place in the body to view veins and arteries easily without invasive techniques. In fact, when you go to the eye doctor regularly, like our Laguna Hills CA practice, this specialist is likely to spot health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes before your general physician.

Most of the time, we pay no attention to the function of the eyes unless some sort of problem occurs. However, it is very important to set concrete times when one should go to see the eye doctor like Dr. Salib in our Laguna Hills CA office. When there is a history of eye problems in the family, for instance, ranging from cataracts to macular degeneration, there is an increased risk of occurrence of these diseases that should be monitored by a specialist. Individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes are also served well with frequent assessments of eye health.

Knowing when your child should go to the eye doctor is also beneficial. In our Laguna Hills CA practice, we recommend that children have their eyes checked by a family physician or pediatrician as early as age 3 (or earlier if an abnormality is noted). This is especially important when there is a history of eye problems in the family. Young children can be screened to assess for drooping eyelids (Ptosis), crossed eyes (Strabismus), lazy eye (Amblyopia), and various refractive errors such as farsightedness or nearsightedness. It is also possible for children to experience astigmatism.

As we age, changes in body chemistry affect the eyes, which is why we see more degeneration occur in older adults. When patients are in their twenties and of otherwise normal eye health, it is recommended that they receive at least one complete eye examination including dilation every one to two years. Individuals in their thirties and above should similarly go to the eye doctor at least every one to two years, depending on the individual need. In our Laguna Hills CA office, we can assess eyes and address specific problems that may cause issues with vision such as:

  • Changes in vision
  • Eye pain, itching, or dryness
  • Flashes of light when blinking, or when eyes are opened or closed
  • Spots in vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Distortion of lines


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