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One of the primary considerations we make when planning cataract surgery is how vision will be restored after the natural lens has been removed. A replacement lens must be implanted. The question is what type of replacement lens, called an intraocular lens, will best suit your particular needs?

The toric lens

The toric intraocular lens has been developed for cataract patients who also have astigmatism. This condition is quite common, potentially causing blurred vision. There are a number of ways in which astigmatism is corrected, including eyeglasses or contact lenses, or an intraocular lens for the cataract patient.

To have astigmatism means that one or both eyes are not shaped round, but more oval. There are different degrees of curvature, which will increase the severity of vision impairment. In order to restore clear vision, the best solution is to encourage the proper shape in the eye. Cataract patients whose degree of curvature causes a lack of visual acuity make great candidates for toric intraocular lenses. Cataract patients whose eyes are shaped round will find another type of intraocular lens most suitable for their needs.


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The toric lens after glasses

Many of those who require cataract surgery have worn eyeglasses for astigmatism for years. The problem with eyeglasses as the solution for astigmatism is that they may need to be adjusted throughout the years in order to keep up with the degree of astigmatism. Glasses are lenses away from the eyes, stabilized on the bridge of the nose. As such, their capability of correcting astigmatism is far less than that of a toric intraocular lens, which reshapes the eye internally. When looking through a toric lens, there is far greater precision compared to eyeglasses, which can slip out of place. Cataract patients who have corrected astigmatism with a toric lens tend to be extremely happy with the results of their procedure.

Dr. George Salib is an experienced eye surgeon in the Aliso Viejo area. Patients visit the Orange County Eye Institute from communities such as Lake Forest, CA, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and more. If your vision has become blurry or clouded by cataracts and you also have astigmatism, precision surgery and the right intraocular lens can change your life for the better.

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