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We live in exciting times, when advances in medicine allow for the permanent correction of conditions we previously had difficulty treating. In terms of vision, patients now have options for correction beyond the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. With lens replacement and refractive surgery performed regularly, more people are finding freedom with clear vision. One such option patients are finding is our Restor lens treatment.

Restor lens was initially used as a lens replacement for patients undergoing cataract removal. However, it has been determined that this therapy is also ideal for those who want to correct presbyopia, a common condition typically treated with eyeglasses or contacts. The lens is ideal, as it clarifies near, intermediate and distance vision with a single treatment. Whether you have cataracts that need to be removed, or simply desire the improvement of vision, our Restor lens procedure can deliver.

How treatment has advanced

When treating cataracts in the past, ophthalmologists would replace the natural lens with that of a fixed monofocal lens. The best option for many years, fixed monofocal lenses still required the use of prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for the restoration of adequate vision. Today, we replace faulty lenses with intraocular lenses, which are prescription lenses implanted into the eye. Using this technology, we provide the patient with a built-in prescription lens that will stay in place forever, and greatly reduce the need for removable glasses or contacts.

Working with Restor

With the Restor intraocular lens (IOL), patients can clearly see at both near and far distances because the lens makes use of apodized diffractive (for near vision) as well as refractive (for distance vision) technology to distribute light through the eye. This implanted lens does not depend on the muscles in the eye, or on any ocular mechanical process, in order to clear up vision, allowing the patient to enjoy all sorts of activities without concern.


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A long lasting restoration

Restor IOL has been shown to have a success rate of 80% or higher, with most patients reporting that they never wear glasses again following this treatment. Surgery is safe and convenient, with the patient noticing improved vision as soon as the day after treatment. Within a week after receiving this new lens, the patient should experience significantly improved vision and freedom from prescription eyeglasses.

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