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Remaining realistic improves the outcome of refractive surgery in the Lake Forest, CA area

Individuals affected by astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), or myopia (nearsightedness) have found a viable solution to vision problems in LASIK surgery. The LASIK procedure is, in fact, one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries for such conditions.

The purpose of LASIK surgery, like other forms of refractive surgery in our office near Lake Forest, CA, is to facilitate the proper direction of light towards the retina by reshaping the cornea. Many people who undergo LASIK surgery find that, in a few-minute procedure, their vision is significantly improved. By the next day, vision can be much clearer without contact lenses or eyeglasses.

The importance of realistic expectations

[img1]As humans, it is natural to have expectations in the various areas of our lives. Especially when it comes to innovative forms of treatment, we can develop a certain perception based on marketing, which tends to point out the most dramatically improved cases. Sadly, it is our expectations of a situation, product, or treatment that ultimately shape our overall sense of satisfaction once we have obtained what we have believed in.

Expectations surrounding LASIK surgery may reach a point where a patient will assume eyeglasses or contact lenses are a thing of the past, that they will never again be needed. This is unrealistic. The truth is, refractive surgery can reduce one’s dependency on corrective eyewear, enabling them to more freely perform a variety of tasks. Reading a book, for example, may be possible without corrective eyewear. However, it is possible that eyeglasses or contacts will still be needed to read fine print, or while driving at night.

You may have heard from someone who has undergone refractive eye surgery that vision was completely restored, and corrective lenses are no longer needed. This would not be an untruth, as many people do have such an experience. Advertisers, as well, like to promote refractive surgeries as a solution to get rid of corrective lenses for good. However, this is stretching the truth.


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We want our patients to know everything they need to know about refractive eye surgery before they commit to a recommended procedure. Although vision may be restored to 20/20, this does not necessarily mean that it will be as crisp as it once was, or even as it was with corrective eyewear. Refractive eye surgery is very precise, but will produce different results in different people. If you expect utter perfection, you may not be fully satisfied with what refractive surgery can do for you. Understanding the various aspects of your procedure, however, you may find that your corrected vision is just what you needed.

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Dr Salib and his staff are very professional, friendly and very through with their procedures. I had redness in my right eye that would not go away. Dr Salib and staff examined my eye and prescribed eye drops and 10 days later my eye has improved. I also went back to get a prescription for glasses and that appt went well with Dr Gee. Lori R.
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