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Understanding the capabilities of Crystalens treatment leads to optimal results near Lake Forest, CA

A major component in the planning of cataract surgery is determining the most appropriate type of intraocular lens, or IOL, to use for vision correction. As a result of ongoing research and development, cataract patients now have numerous options for the replacement of a clouded lens, each of which may have certain advantages and disadvantages.

The Crystalens is considered a "premium" IOL in cataract treatment. This type of replacement lens provides patients with a way to remove cataracts and correct presbyopia at the same time. Presbyopia is a condition that most adults experience sometime around the age of forty. The changes to the eye cause blurred vision when reading or performing up-close tasks. Non-premium lenses also exist for presbyopia correction. These lenses are multifocal and correct vision through different zones on the lens itself. These different zones may contain prescriptions for near, immediate, and distant vision. The Crystalens IOL is a unique multifocal replacement lens that is made to respond to the natural movements within the eye.

Why choose Crystalens?

Many patients who choose this IOL find that the Crystalens maximizes the small space contained on the lens for optimal contrast sensitivity, which may otherwise be lost or diminished. Due to the fact that Crystalens was modeled to replicate the tendencies of the natural lens, many patients find that their reliance on corrective eyewear is greatly diminished or eliminated altogether.

Typically, the outcome of cataract surgery is very good. It is important, however, that patients be prepared for the possibility of less-than-perfect vision after the eye has healed. Even with the highest degree of precision in the cataract removal process and placement of the new IOL, there is the slight chance that vision may not be fully restored to absolute crispness. One of the requests made of cataract patients is to have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

In most cases, patients who choose to have cataracts removed and the appropriate IOL inserted, post-treatment vision is a welcomed sight, literally. Dr. George Salib has treated thousands of patients with outstanding success. If you live in the area of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, or Irvine, we can help you regain the freedom of clear vision. Call (949) 441-5444.

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