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Monovision takes years off your eyes, correcting age-related changes in Laguna Hills CA

Almost everyone over age 40 has presbyopia, which comes from a Greek word that means “old eye.” When the lens behind your iris becomes rigid over time, it can’t change shape as easily to focus light onto the retina so you can see clearly. For this reason, it’s tough to read smartphone screens or complete up-close tasks with “aging eyes.” While the Orange County Eye Institute can’t stop or reverse the aging process, board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. George Salib corrects presbyopia with eyewear, contact lenses, and/or surgery promptly, avoiding disruptive headaches, damaging eye strain, and other complications.

Know your options: Monovision in Laguna Hills CA

Monovision or “blended” vision represents one way to reduce your dependence on magnifying eyewear or “readers.” This type of vision can be achieved with:

  • Contacts – One lens correct for distance vision, while the other lens corrects for close-up vision in the other eye.
  • Refractive surgery – Procedures such as LASIK involve Dr. Salib reshaping the cornea in one eye for far vision and the other eye for close-up vision, similarly to how monovision with contact lenses works.
  • Artificial lens implants – Natural lenses are replaced with Intraocular Lenses (IOLs), which have different focusing distances.

The idea behind monovision is that most people have a dominant eye, the eye that they prefer to see with if one eye is closed. So, using this approach, the vision in your dominant eye is corrected for distance vision, while the vision in your other eye remains somewhat near sighted to allow you to see objects close-up. Both eyes work together, allowing you to see clearly regardless of distance.

Get a clear picture

While many people adapt to this technique, patients need to “train” their brains to see this way – with one eye used to see distant objects, and the other eye used to see close objects. Since no single treatment or approach is ideal for everyone with presbyopia, specialists like Dr. Salib may recommend trying out monovision with contact lenses before committing to surgery, such as implanting monovision IOLs. Dr. Salib addresses important considerations with each patient; for instance, there is some potential to lose depth perception or the ability to judge the speed of objects due to how one eye focuses at one distance and the other eye is set at another distance. You may also need reading glasses in some circumstances even with monovision, such as reviewing small print disclaimers.

Board-certified ophthalmologists are trained and experienced at evaluating ocular health. Call (949) 441-5444 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Salib at the Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA. He will discuss your unique vision needs and personal preferences with you. So, you’ll enjoy vision correction that adds to your life!

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I've had many eye exams in the past but nothing as thorough as I had today. Dr. Salib took his time explaining every step carefully. The staff was very professional. I have found my new eye doctor! Lenny S.
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