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What is the buzz about LASIK treatment? Details from your Orange County CA eye specialist

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Vision problems, although millions of people have one form or another, can cause more than a bit of inconvenience and irritation. Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses may irritate the eyes themselves, or the bridge of the nose. Moreover, that's just the mild aspect of eyewear. What will happen if the glasses or a contact lens gets lost or broken? Today, there is a better way of dealing with vision problems - LASIK, which we perform in our state-of-the-art Orange County CA facility.

Typically, we cannot much imagine having any type of surgical procedure performed on our eyes. However, LASIK, with its ability to correct vision problems like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism, is a wonderfully successful surgery. In this procedure, your specially trained LASIK surgeon applies cool beams of light from an excimer laser, gently reshaping the cornea of the eye. The process is quick and virtually painless.

LASIK surgery, an outpatient procedure, begins with an application of eye drops that will numb the eye. While the patient lies back comfortably, the eyes are held open by a comfortable instrument, and the femtosecond laser creates a tiny flap in the cornea. This flap is carefully lifted, allowing access to the inner tissue layer. As the flap is lifted, the patient will mainly visualize only the laser light and ambient light, but nothing in clear vision.

Dr. Salib applies pulses of the cool excimer laser light to the exposed corneal tissue to reshape the surface as prescribed for optimal vision. During this part of the procedure, a ticking sound will be heard as the laser pulses. Eye movement will also be tracked at this time, guiding precise correction.

As the cornea is reshaped, the flap is repositioned and the area assessed for anything that may inhibit excellent healing. In the days and weeks following LASIK, the reshaped tissue and overlying flap will heal naturally. Immediately following treatment, eyes may feel a bit irritated, but this sensation will ease within just a few hours. It is important to avoid rubbing the eyes at this time.

Perhaps wearing glasses or contact is getting old, and you're ready for a more permanent solution. To see how LASIK can benefit you, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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