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Our Orange County patients benefit from monovision LASIK

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For millions of people, the eyes are directly impacted in the aging process. Around the age of forty, vision may begin to blur due to the condition of presbyopia. Although there are differing points of view on the exact cause of this eye condition, with some believing that it is the atrophy of muscles surrounding the lens, and others believing the lens stiffens as we age, the methods of treatment tend to be similar.

The tried and true approach to these changes in the eye, which make it difficult to read fine print, is to find the most suitable strength of eyeglasses. What eventually happens, though, is that the eye continues to change to a point where distance vision might also be impacted, due to the inability of the eye to focus even at far distances. At this point, reading glasses are no longer a viable solution to affected vision, and prescription glasses or contact lenses become necessary.

The goal of some corrective contact lenses is to create what is called monovision. The eyes are naturally created to work together with equal strength so that, when an object is viewed, binocular vision is experienced. However, most people have one eye that tends to be stronger than the other is, making it dominant as it produces vision. Your doctor will consider your dominant eye when addressing presbyopia so that vision is clear and crisp both up close and at a distance.

For years, this dominance of one eye has been approached with special contact or eyeglass lenses that give the dominant eye power for the best possible distance vision, and fitting the other lens to accommodate near vision. In this way, monovision is created and the eyes once again work together, facilitating optimal depth perception in addition to clarity.

In our Orange County office, we create monovision through the LASIK procedure, allowing patients the freedom to read, drive, and work comfortably without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses in most situations. The LASIK procedure has been safely used for several years, and can be completed within just a few minutes. To learn more about LASIK for presbyopia or other eye conditions, contact us today.

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