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What to expect after your Orange County specialist performs LASIK - possible side effects to prepare for

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Whenever planning to have any procedure, it is wise to consider all aspects, including side effects. The LASIK procedure, although advanced and very effective, is no exception to this recommendation. Of the patients we treat in our Orange County practice, very few of our LASIK clients experience side effects for an extended period. Side effects, however, can be part of the procedure and subsequent healing. When you know what to expect from treatment, you are better prepared for a stress-free recovery.

Feeling sensitive to both sunlight and artificial light is probably the most common effect of LASIK treatment, typically occurring the first few days following the procedure. To remedy this side effect, the patient may want to take time to rest in a dimly lit area, and possibly avoid watching television or sitting in front of the computer. Although eyes may feel irritated by this sensitivity, it is important that touching or rubbing them be avoided.

As the corneal flap is healing, the LASIK patient may experience vision problems such as halos, starbursts, and glare Disturbances can also develop in times when the pupil dilates to a point where it exceeds the treatment zone. Halos, starbursts, and glare may occur for several weeks to months, usually dissipating after the first three months. Should they continue past this point, contact our office to discuss the condition with your LASIK surgeon, as there are remedies to alleviate visual disturbances.

Feeling as though eyes are extremely dry is one of the most common side effects after LASIK surgery. One may feel as though there is something in the eye when the eye tissue is healing. Itchiness, redness, and blurred vision can also occur during the time the eye is healing from LASIK. This sensation, which can be relieved by using preservative-free eye drops to lubricate dry eyes, may last up to six months or more. Discussing dry eyes with your eye surgeon is recommended, so that the most suitable eye drops can be recommended.

A side effect that could impair the ability to discern objects precisely is called loss of contrast sensitivity. Although rarely of significance, this is possible for up to six months or more following LASIK surgery and could impair one's ability to drive at night and should therefore be carefully monitored.

Although LASIK has a very high success rate, any surgical procedure comes with some degree of risk. The side effects of LASIK tend to be quite mild and short-lived. Contact us to learn more about LASIK, or to schedule your consultation.

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