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What your ophthalmologist in Laguna Hills has to say about the longevity of LASIK

When considering having surgery on your eyes, you have a goal: to clear up your vision. One of the primary questions that patients of our Orange County practice have is how long they can expect the results of LASIK to last. The longevity of results is what makes LASIK so appealing.

LASIK: a history of consistency

The cornea-reshaping LASIK procedure has been performed in the United States for over 20 years. Throughout its history, there have been advances in the technologies used in the procedure, as well as in the techniques used by skilled surgeons such as Dr. Salib. According to research and patient surveys, LASIK has a consistent record of success in permanently improving vision.

Future need for vision correction

In some cases, vision correction is necessary after the LASIK procedure. For instance, some patients continue to use reading glasses to improve up-close vision. This may occur right after surgery or many years later, since the ocular structure can change with age. As a result of natural structural changes in the eyes, patients might want to consider having a touch-up performed after their initial LASIK procedure. Again, this may occur many years later.

Another factor that can affect vision is hormonal changes. Research has demonstrated a direct correlation between fluctuating hormones and visual acuity. Women who are pregnant are typically advised to wait until after childbirth to renew prescriptions for corrective lenses, and women in peri-menopause or menopause often report noticeable changes to their vision. This does not mean that you should necessarily postpone LASIK, but that your vision might change even after corrective surgery.

LASIK and eye health

While the primary concern of many patients who seek LASIK is diminished visual clarity, there are other conditions that affect overall eye health. It is important to continue to receive eye exams on an annual basis to maximize the care of your eyes.

We are happy to answer your questions about LASIK or other corrective treatments. Call Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills at (949) 441-5444 for your visit with experienced ophthalmologist – Dr. Salib.

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