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Is Laguna Hills refractive surgery effective on older adults?

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In time, many people who wear glasses desire to unburden themselves of the inconvenience or discomfort of their glasses. Men and women in their fifties and beyond, however, may question the effectiveness of refractive surgery for vision correction.

The good news is that many of our Laguna Hills patients of various ages are able to achieve significant vision improvement with refractive eye surgery. One of the keys to a satisfactory outcome from innovative vision-correcting surgery is to work with an experienced eye surgeon and to have a frank discussion of needs and expectations. Although a high percentage of individuals who undergo refractive surgery for vision correction experience dramatic improvement, studies have shown that older adults tend to reach a slightly lower level of crispness than younger patients. The degree of improvement, however, is so good that about 95 percent of patients polled stated they would make the same choice about eye surgery.

Eye surgery and the older adult

There are different types of refractive eye surgery used to correct vision problems. Dr. George Salib is an experienced eye surgeon who begins care by conducting a thorough consultation and evaluation. During a visit in our Orange County practice, the examination will assess the thickness, shape, and overall condition of the corneas. Refractive errors will be identified, and the size of the pupils will be analyzed to determine the risk of post-treatment double vision, halos, and glare.

Before choosing refractive surgery, it is important to discuss general health and current medications. Individuals with certain autoimmune conditions may not be suited for refractive surgery. Medications that may inhibit healing or cause eye dryness or vision difficulties may need to be stopped prior to surgery.

Older adults may need to address additional eye conditions when considering refractive surgery for vision correction. Individuals with severe dry eye syndrome, for instance, may find surgery more detrimental than beneficial. Though surgery that cuts the corneal flap may improve vision, this cutting can also sever nerves that facilitate tear production, increasing the symptoms of dry eye. Surgical techniques that do not involve a flap may be suitable, but your eye surgeon may measure tear production before treatment to assure an optimal outcome.

There are many benefits to refractive eye surgery for adults of all ages. Dr. George Salib of the Orange County Eye Institute has many years of experience treated various eye conditions. In our office, we can help you determine the most suitable treatment for improved vision based on your specific needs.

Contact us at (949) 441-5444 to schedule your visit.

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