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24422 Avenida De La Carlota Suite 110,
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


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"Dr. Salib and his staff are simply wonderful. He is so freakin detail oriented that when it was time to get Wavefront LASIK done I was so comfortable and at ease that I felt like I made the right decision in choosing Dr. Salib over all the other options out there. His thoroughness and availability, along with his staffs, made it clear that they all deeply cared about my recovery and that he is deeply invested in his patients and his work. Awesome, awesome, awesome experience all around. And I can seeeeeee at 20/15!!!!""
It is truly amazing when you can get rid of your glasses and be able to wake up and see that alarm clock or the paper in the morning without reaching for your glasses. Imagine being able to do sports activities like playing tennis, golf or going swimming without worrying about your vision. Our medical director, Dr. Salib, knows because he had LASIK in his own eyes, and what a game-changer it was for him! Not having to deal with contact lenses or glasses and being able to see everything with incredible clarity has been a blessing for him, and it could be for you too. LASIK and PRK are vision correction treatments where we aim a much focused laser on your eye in order to optimize your vision. We now have the latest technology to do this without blades—just all with laser.

In just a few minutes and with minimal discomfort, your life can change! Of course, most people are a bit hesitant about doing anything to their eyes, but we will put your fears at ease and empower you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. We will analyze your eyes and see if your eyes qualify for this treatment, and then we will carefully explain to you what your options are and what our expert recommendations are for you. Why not live your life to fullest and come explore what your options are for this incredible breakthrough? With payment plans available, it is easier than ever to achieve the vision of your dreams!

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Eye Doctor Laguna Hills - George M. Salib, MD
George M. Salib, MD

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Orange County Eye Institute is committed to helping individual patients live their lives to the fullest by maximizing their vision with personalized care.


I like to thank the whole staff for excellent service and to welcome me as a new patient. And to thank Dr. Salib for answering all my questions and provide me with excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. George Salib for his excellent service.

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