Your Laguna Hills eye doctor helps you handle wet macular degeneration

The eyes are more than the windows to the soul. These vital body parts enable us to enjoy life to the fullest, and perform daily tasks. When the eyes develop problems, early treatment is incredibly important. The Orange County Eye Institute is your Laguna Hills provider for various eye problems, including wet macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is the condition that affects the area of the eye, the macula, which produces fine vision. The macula is the area of the eye located within the retina, at the back of the eyeball. This eye problem is often associated with age, as it is one of the leading causes of blindness in individuals aged 55 and older.

Two types of the condition may affect the eye: wet and dry. Dry macular degeneration is more common, and less intense. Wet macular degeneration may occur when fluid or blood is leaked into the macula by abnormal blood cells. An exact cause of wet macular degeneration has yet to be found. However, those who have experienced dry macular degeneration are more likely to develop the wet type of this condition at some point.

Detecting vision problems, and seeking appropriate treatment early, is an important step towards prolonged vision. In treating macular degeneration, we seek to slow the progression of vision loss and, if possible, even improve vision.

By recognizing the signs of wet macular degeneration, you will know when you need to seek professional evaluation at the Orange County Eye Institute. Be aware of:

  • Distortion of straight lines in vision, such as a sign or doorway appearing lopsided or wavy.
  • Objects seeming to be farther away or smaller than their actual size.
  • Central vision is not sharp and clear.
  • Colors do not appear bright and intense.
  • A well-defined blind or blurry spot within the field of vision.
  • Hallucinations of people or animals, or geometric shapes may occur in severe cases of macular degeneration.

Symptoms of wet macular degeneration may develop abruptly, and worsen quickly. Should you notice changes to your central vision, or seeing fine details and colors becomes impaired, we encourage you to contact us right away for a thorough examination. There are treatment options available, tailored to fit your needs and improve your vision.


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