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Why you should stop smoking before the placement of an IOL lens in the Laguna Beach, CA area

According to the American Association of Opthalmology, approximately 22 million American aged 40 and older are affected by cataracts. This eye condition, which affects at least half of the over-80 population, is also one of the leading causes of blindness. Fortunately, there are solutions for cataracts. Replacing the clouded lens with the appropriate IOL lens has helped our patients from Laguna Beach and other Southern CA cities regain a better quality of life.

Cataracts are believed to be age-related. One of the main reasons that changes in the eye’s lens may occur later in life, however, is that the oxidation process can take years to affect any singular part of the body. The effects of sun damage and UV exposure, smoking, stress, medications, and chronic health conditions are cumulative, showing up as we age.

[img1]Where smoking is concerned, there are two ways in which the eye is affected. First, tobacco smoke contains free radicals, atoms and molecules not stabilized by an electrons. These free roaming atoms directly damage tissues and cells in the eye, weakening the fibrous cell membrane and the protein in the eye’s lens. While containing free radicals, which are combated by antioxidants, tobacco also depletes the body of existing antioxidants, furthering the oxidation process through which damage occurs. One study on the causal effect of smoking concluded that smokers are at least fifty percent more likely to develop cataracts later in life.


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Cataract surgery is a possibility for the person affected by cataracts. Dr. George Salib of Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills uses the latest laser technology in the treatment of this eye condition. After the removal of a stiff, cloudy lens, vision is restored with an intraocular lens best suited to individual need. After the placement of an IOL, there are no special requirements for care. At the same time, one should feel encouraged to prolong the health of their eyes by finding a way to stop smoking. Taking this step towards slowing the oxidative process benefits not only the eyes but the entire body.

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Dr Salib and his staff are very professional, friendly and very through with their procedures. I had redness in my right eye that would not go away. Dr Salib and staff examined my eye and prescribed eye drops and 10 days later my eye has improved. I also went back to get a prescription for glasses and that appt went well with Dr Gee. Lori R.
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