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Glaucoma specialists like Dr. Salib offer patients in the area of Laguna Hills tips for managing eye health

Individuals with glaucoma suffer from chronic increased pressure within the eye. Due to the constant constriction on the optic nerve; however light it may be, damage to this structure builds up over time. The ultimate danger of glaucoma is loss of eyesight. Glaucoma specialists offer patients several types of therapy, from eye drops to surgery, to manage this condition. Dr. George Salib of Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills discusses with patients the role of lifestyle choices, in addition to therapeutic treatments, in the management of eye health.

Lifestyle changes complement medical treatments for glaucoma

[img1]The primary goal of glaucoma management is to control intraocular pressure in order to preserve the optic nerve. While studies are ongoing to determine the extent of benefit from lifestyle changes, patients may want to identify areas where lifestyle habits can maximize the potential of medical care.

  • Smoking. This habit is not directly related to an increased risk of glaucoma. Cigarette smoke does; however, affect the overall health of the eyes and body and should be avoided.
  • Alcohol. In the short term, alcohol consumption actually lowers intraocular pressure. Daily consumption; however, has been shown to increase pressure. Studies have not confirmed that daily alcohol consumption is an increased risk factor for the development of glaucoma.
  • Caffeine. A cup of coffee every day may not have a noticeable impact on vision. Due to increase in intraocular pressure, there is an increased risk for those who drink 5 or more cups a day according to one study on caffeine and glaucoma.
  • Yoga may be very good for the mind and body. Positions in which the head is downshould be avoided by individuals with glaucoma due to the fact that inversions increase pressure in the eyes.
  • Aerobic exercise and weight lifting for the glaucoma patients should be approved by a physician first.


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Research into the area of eye pressure and lifestyle habits continues to show us how we may best complement professional care for glaucoma. To learn more about diagnostic testing and treatment options, contact Orange County Eye Institute at (949) 441-5444.


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I've had many eye exams in the past but nothing as thorough as I had today. Dr. Salib took his time explaining every step carefully. The staff was very professional. I have found my new eye doctor! Lenny S.
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