Patients in Laguna Hills, CA discover the benefits of laser surgery for eye cataract treatment

Blurry, cloudy vision? Sensitivity to light? By the age of 65, over 90 percent of people have vision problems due to a cataract. Patients in Laguna Hills, CA have turned to top cataract surgeon, Dr. George Salib and the Orange County Eye Center for eye cataract treatment.

Cataracts defined

In the eye, we have a natural lens that bends to refract light helping us see. The lens should be clear. When patients have cataracts, the lens is cloudy. Things appear blurry or less colorful when looking through a cloudy lens. Symptoms of cataracts can develop gradually and may include seeing faded colors, seeing double, being sensitive to light, or having trouble seeing at night.

Laser treatment

Laser technology has improved the cataract surgical process by making the process from diagnosis through the removal more precise. At the Orange County Eye Institute, we are committed to staying on top of medical advancements. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to assess preoperative conditions before moving forward with cataract surgery. Dr. Salib is one of the top cataract surgeons to use the Femto Laser System. In laser cataract surgery, a laser replaces or assists the use of a handheld surgical tool throughout the corneal incision, capsulotomy, and lens and cataract fragmentation. 3D tomography imaging increases the efficiency by providing an accurate view of the cataract.


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Benefits of laser surgery

Clearer vision is the biggest advantage to undergoing cataract surgery. With laser surgery there are additional benefits:

  • Safe – Lasers are more precise and gentler. The cataract is gradually softened so the incision is smaller.
  • More accurate and efficient – Because the procedure is so precise, the entire surgery is more accurate than traditional surgery.
  • Reproducibility – The technology allows for accurate results that can continually be reproduced.

Stop living with blurred vision. Contact the Orange County Eye Institute to learn more about cataract surgery. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Salib today. (949) 441-5444


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