Why you may need dry eye treatment from your Orange County ophthalmologist

Dry eye syndrome is the condition of having inadequate lubrication across the surface of the eyes. Polls indicate that approximately half of adults over the age of 18 experience the symptoms of dry eye on a regular basis. According to additional polls, it is estimated that clinically significant dry eye syndrome affects 5 million adults aged 50 or older.

Do you have dry eyes?

There are a number of signs that you may have dry eye syndrome. Because the condition can eventually lead to damage to the surface of the eye, it is important to obtain treatment from your Orange County ophthalmologist promptly. You may have dry eye syndrome if you regularly experience:

  • Eye soreness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Eye fatigue
  • An aching sensation
  • Eye redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • A dry or scratchy sensation
  • Watery eyes

Watery eyes may seem like an unlikely symptom of dry eye syndrome. This sensation occurs as tear production increases in response to dryness on the surface. Although the eyes may water excessively at times, tears do not remain on the surface long enough to resolve the condition.

Why your eye drops may not be helping

Typically, when our eyes feel uncomfortably dry, the logical solution is to replace lubrication with artificial tears. In some cases, the occasional use of commercial eye drops may be sufficient. However, because dry eye syndrome may be attributed to a number of different problems, such as blocked meibomian glands, precisely formulated drops or medication may be necessary. If you experience the symptoms of dry eye syndrome frequently, we encourage you to schedule an exam with Dr. Salib. This is especially important for individuals who may be considering cataract surgery in the near future. A thorough examination can identify the underlying reason for chronically dry eyes. It will enable you to find the relief you seek through appropriate care and lifestyle habits.


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