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Crystalens treatment in Laguna Hills the clear choice for restored vision

The slight cloudiness of an early cataract may seem only mildly concerning. As a cataract progresses, however, concerns rise over the final impact on vision. For millions of men and women in our country, cataracts grow to a point where surgery is needed to restore not only vision but quality of life.

What is a cataract?

Cataracts are not necessarily growths on the eye but the decrease in the ability to focus properly as the lens stiffens and hardens. Most often, cataracts form later in life, affecting a large number of people over the age of 65. This problem does not threaten vision in terms of blindness, but the cloudiness, difficulty seeing at night or discerning colors and the sensitivity to light can become unnerving.

Correcting vision with cataract surgery

Every year, more than three million people have cataracts removed. Since the lens of the eye is the root cause of poor vision, it makes sense to remove it rather than find it necessary to give up the things you love to do. This outpatient surgical procedure is very safe and restores a full range of vision. One of the determining factors in future eye care needs is the type of replacement lens, called an intraocular lens, that is chosen to replace the natural lens.


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Intra-ocular (IOL) lenses

The standard IOL is monofocal, improving either distance or near vision. This type of replacement lens is fixed, meaning that it does not follow the natural movements of the eye. There are a number of cases where a monofocal IOL is suitable. Many people, however, prefer the benefits of a lens that accommodates the eye. Crystalens is just such a product.

The Crystalens accommodating IOL has the power to flex, or keep up with the eye’s natural changes in various lights. The lens, while accommodating to the eye, remains stable for excellent vision via two delicate “hinges.” These can neither be seen nor felt due to their microscopic size. Their benefits, on the other hand, will be evident every day in the crisp, clear vision present after cataract surgery.

Orange County Eye Institute sees patients from Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, CA and more. We are happy to help you determine if vision problems are due to cataracts, and decide when removal is the best option. Call our office at (949) 441-5444 to schedule a convenient appointment time.


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