Focusing in on clear vision

Today, the patient who wishes to correct cataracts and improve vision impairment has multiple options for lens replacement. Modeled after the human eye, Crystalens is a treatment we regularly provide in our Orange County office.

Although our Crystalens treatment falls into the intraocular lens category, this lens is different from other IOLs. With Crystalens, we are able to replace the lens after removal of cataracts, and we are able to correct presbyopia, the impairment of near and intermediate distance vision. Presbyopia is a condition that tends to occur once we reach our forties and beyond, as the eye becomes less flexible. The result is the regular wear of eyeglasses or contact lenses. With Crystalens, most patients report being able to greatly reduce their dependence on glasses for good, while enjoying a full and natural range of vision that allows for unimpeded driving, reading and other activities.

The power of technology

Crystalens operates much like the human eye, and uses the power of the eye muscle to accommodate, which is to focus on objects at varying distances. Powerful and effective, this IOL continually adjusts to the patient’s particular visual needs, including:

  • Providing a broad range of vision – What is special about our Crystalens IOL treatment is that this lens uses the eye’s natural focusing process to change shape as needed. This is different from other IOLs, which remain stationary in one location in the eye. With this movement of the Crystalens, the patient’s eye naturally focuses on objects at varying distances throughout their immediate environment, greatly reducing any need for removable eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Facilitating clear vision – Crystalens technology directs all light into a single focal point within the eye, much like how the natural lens operates. With other multifocal lenses, light is often disbursed to various points.
  • Requiring little adjustment if any – Because Crystalens is so much like the natural lens, patients report that there is very little, if any, adjustment period after the implantation of their IOL. Where halos or glare may be associated with multifocal IOLs, Crystalens produces near-natural vision without such issues.

Today, we have far more options for vision correction than ever before. Take advantage of advanced technology and schedule your consultation for vision correction with Dr. Salib.


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