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Premium intraocular lenses carefully selected by your cataract surgeon in Laguna Hills

Cataracts pose significant risk to vision, causing progressive clouding. By working with your experienced Orange County eye specialist, it is possible to determine the right timing for cataract removal. Because the clouding of the lens does not affect general health, the timing for removal is typically related to vision impairment and its effect on quality of life. Removing the clouded lens and replacing it with the appropriate intraocular lens can make an enormous difference in day-to-day life for our patients.

Some people are surprised to learn that a cataract or cataracts actually disguised an existing vision problem. Using precision technology, Dr. Salib helps patients determine if premium intraocular lenses are the best solution after cataract removal. A skilled surgeon who has helped many Orange County residents in his Laguna Hills practice, Dr. Salib uses the latest techniques and products proven to achieve optimal vision.

What is a premium intraocular lens?

Intraocular lenses are replacement lenses implanted into the eye in either cataract surgery or refractive surgery. The standard IOL is designed to replace the lens of an otherwise healthy eye, meaning there are no disruptions to normal vision.

The premium intraocular lens is a type of replacement lens designed to take the place of the affected lens and correct an existing vision problem. A premium IOL may be:
  • Accommodating. Lenses such as the FDA-approved Crystalens® will respond to the movements of the muscles of the eye, shifting between near, middle, and distance vision. Accommodating lenses may be used for the patient with presbyopia, the condition in which it becomes more difficult to change the shape of the eye.
  • Multifocal. Lenses like the Tecnis® Multifocal IOL have various optic zones, each of which functions in a specific manner for distance and lighting. The multifocal lens is ideal for achieving the clearest possible vision at all distances.
  • ReSTOR® lenses are also a wonderful solution for clearer vision at all distances. This type of premium IOL appropriately focuses light that enters the eye.
Orange County Eye Institute offers friendly, professional treatment to patients of all ages. Contact our office at (949) 441-5444.

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