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Could the sunny Orange County climate increase your potential need for cataract surgery?

There are many things to love about living in beautiful Southern California. With both water and mountains within a short driving distance, residents of Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, and surrounding communities have many reasons to be outside. Our mild climate is so inviting all throughout the year, there is always something outdoors to enjoy. Studies show that how you care for your eyes while enjoying the gorgeous scenery around Orange County can either protect you from, or increase your potential need for cataract surgery at some point.

How do you know if your outdoor activities might be harming your eyes? Consider the amount of time you spend:
  • Outdoors around the house, in your garden or pool
  • At the beach, whether in the water or on the sand
  • In the mountains, skiing or enjoying another winter sport
  • Tanning, either outdoors or in a tanning bed
UVA/UVB exposure from natural sunlight and tanning beds is not the only thing that could affect the eyes. Those who work on electronic circuit boards, certain medical technologies, or with welding equipment may also be at an increased risk. Those who have had cataract surgery also benefit from preventive measures after treatment. Lastly, there are certain over the counter and prescription medications that have the power to increase sensitivity to UV light.

Your experienced eye doctor is your best resource when it comes to protecting your eyes from conditions such as cataracts. Eye exams are recommended at two-year intervals, allowing your eye specialist to monitor not only your vision, but your need for solar radiation protection.

Sunglasses more than an accessory

Many people who live in sunny Southern California can be seen wearing sunglasses as they go about their day. Sunglasses, though designed to accentuate your image, are really intended to provide adequate protection from the sun. When purchasing sunglasses, it is wise to look for:
  • Gray lenses, which are best for color recognition
  • Provide 99 to 100 percent blockage of UVA/UVB radiation; not just one type
  • Screen out no less than 75 percent of visible light
  • Wrap-around frames if a lot of time is spend in bright sunlight
For those who engage in high intensity sports or work, sunglass lenses made from polycarbonate will provide the greatest degree of resistance to impact.

Eye protection in the form of sunglasses is recommended not only for adults, but for children and teens as well. If you have questions about eye protection or eye health, or it is time for your annual eye exam, contact The Orange County Eye Institute for your appointment.

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