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Live in Orange County and want to remove a cataract? Learn recovery tips from our skilled surgeons

Cataracts are a common occurrence, especially as we get older. Their development, however, can be inconvenient and sometimes troublesome should vision become impaired. Fortunately, cataracts do not pose a serious threat to vision, and they can be easily treated with a quick surgical procedure in our Orange County facility.

Most of the time, a cataract is removed in a procedure that lasts only fifteen minutes or so. Surgeons do recommend that patients remain on the premises for a time, allowing the body to recover from anesthesia and allow time for a quick post-operative assessment. During this time, post-operative instructions will be supplied, as well. The patient will be released to a friend or family member who will drive him or her home. Driving should only be resumed after Dr. Salib has had the opportunity to evaluate vision following cataract surgery, and as the patient feels able. Blurred vision is common following this procedure and can last for just a few days or for weeks.

Recovery from cataract surgery should be a stress-free process, with just a few pre-planned arrangements. The day of surgery, and possibly the day after, rest is what the body needs to heal and rejuvenate. This may require taking a day or two off from work and other activities. Any type of movement that calls for bending over should be avoided to prevent any pressure on the eye, and the eye should be adequately protected from both bright sunlight and bright artificial light. While some patients do find that they can watch television or sit in front of the computer only hours after cataract surgery, avoiding these activities can be most beneficial for quick healing.

While it is possible to return to work in the first day or two following cataract surgery, it is best to avoid environments in which the eye will be exposed to dirt or dust particles, or other substances that could lead to infection. Using a hot tub, or taking a dip in the pool should be put off for two weeks while the initial healing is ongoing, even if an eye patch is worn.

Removing cataracts can do wonders for your lifestyle. Taking extra care during the recovery process allows for maximum healing and restoration.

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