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How laser cataract surgery in our Laguna Hills office stacks up against conventional cataract surgery

The development of a cataract is not necessarily a pressing problem. In time, however, many people find that the best way to regain optimal vision is to have cataracts removed by their experienced ophthalmologist. Dr. George Salib of The Orange County Eye Institute has performed thousands of successful vision-correcting procedures. If cataracts are affecting your vision, laser cataract surgery in our Laguna Hills eye center may provide your most direct path to improvement.

Conventional cataract surgery

Cataract surgery remains one of the top surgeries performed by ophthalmologists. This safe and effective procedure typically promises a predictable outcome. The incisions made in the conventional surgical procedure are done with a diamond or metal blade. The degree of precision needed for this incision, which is made where the sclera and the cornea meet, is exceedingly high. At the ideal depth and width, this incision allows the surgeon to dissect the cataract for easy removal. The importance of the precision is to promote healing after the IOL has been implanted.

An integral part of cataract surgery is what is called the capsulotomy. This aspect of surgery is what gives the surgeon access to the cataract. The capsule that surrounds the eye's natural lens will also hold the IOL. For this reason, it is vitally important that the capsule remain intact throughout the surgical procedure.

To remove the cataract, conventional surgery uses ultrasonic energy. Though the heat from the ultrasonic device breaks up the cataract, it can also increase the risk of leaking or the need for sutures to close the incision.

Laser cataract surgery

Laser cataract surgery has improved the entire process, from planning to performance. Laser cataract surgery is planned based on a detailed 3D image captured with sophisticated tomography technology. Using this guide, the incision can be made at the precise depth, length, and location desired. The degree of efficiency gained by tomography imaging and laser precision significantly improves the accuracy of the incision.

During laser cataract surgery, the slight heat from the laser gradually softens the cataract, easing the dissection of this tissue without increasing risk to the incision. The gentleness of the laser is also beneficial to the preservation of the capsule in which the IOL will be placed.

The Orange County Eye Institute has helped many patients correct vision problems. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. George Salib.

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