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Monofocal lenses one option in IOLS in our Laguna Hills office

When a cataract has affected vision, removal is the logical step. Part of the cataract removal process is to replace the lens in order to improve vision. This is done with what is called an IOL, or intra-ocular lens. The purpose of the intra-ocular lens is to focus light that enters the eye through the pupil and cornea to the retina. The retina lies at the very back of the eye. Highly sensitive, the retina sends messages through the optic nerve to the brain, where images are recognized.

Most IOLs are somewhat soft and flexible. You could liken an IOL to a contact lens in size and form. These lens will contain the exact prescription that the patient requires for clear vision. The difference is that an IOL is implanted into the eye, where it will remain.

The monofocal lens

A common type of IOL, the monofocal lens is used when near, intermediate, and distance vision needs correction. Many patients have a monofocal lens prescribed for distance vision and continue to wear reading glasses. Another option is to have the monofocal set for near vision and wear glasses that improve distance vision. Lastly, monofocals may be used to achieve what is called "monovision," with one eye prescribed for distance and the other prescribed for near vision. Monovision may reduce the need for eyeglasses, and be especially beneficial in today's technological society in which most people spend a good deal of time reading from a computer screen or cell phone.

Choosing your lens

Dr. George Salib has successfully helped hundreds of patients improve their vision through laser surgery. In our office, part of the process of vision correction is helping our patients choose from the variety of IOLs available. During consultation and planning, we spend ample time so our patients from Laguna Hills and surrounding areas understand each aspect of care.

Prescription planning includes taking measurements that will guide us in choosing the ideal IOL for the desired result. When deciding on the most suitable IOL, we take into consideration the patient's willingness to wear eyeglasses following surgery. It is also important to consider lifestyle because even an IOL will affect how the patient sees when eyeglasses are not worn. When the patient prefers to avoid the need for eyeglasses, premium IOL prescriptions may be discussed as the best options.

Eye surgery for the removal of cataracts has improved a great deal with the advances of laser technology. At The Orange County Eye Institute, patients benefit from a wealth of experience and our state-of-the-art equipment. Contact our office at (949) 441-5444 for your consultation today.

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