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How an intraocular lens after cataract surgery in Lake Forest, CA may affect vision

Cataracts are commonly seen in adults as they age. The clouding of the eye's natural lens is typically a mild problem. As cloudiness worsens, however, many people eventually choose to see their experienced eye surgeon for removal. At the Orange County Eye Institute, Dr. George Salib performs cataract surgery with precision and immense skill, facilitating a satisfactory outcome.

Cataract surgery may be performed whenever the patient is ready to improve how he or she sees the world. In our state-of-the-art surgical center, cataract surgery is completed within just a few minutes. Using local anesthetic, the procedure is completely comfortable. Even after cataract eye surgery, most people feel little to no discomfort. After the surgery has been completed, patients may remain in our office for some time, allowing us to monitor results before releasing them into the care of a trusted friend or family member.

An integral part of cataract surgery is choosing an intraocular lens. Because cataracts develop on the eye's natural lens, and this lens must be removed, it is necessary to replace what has been taken away. One of the benefits of intraocular lens placement after cataract surgery in our Lake Forest, CA surgical center is that vision may actually improve beyond the clearing of cataracts.

Intraocular lenses may now be designed not only to restore clear vision, but to improve vision in the case of astigmatism, presbyopia, or other conditions. Before cataract surgery, your eye doctor will perform diagnostic testing and measurement to determine the necessity for vision correction. An intraocular lens or lenses may be prescribed to improve distance or near vision, or potentially both. What is interesting about vision after cataract surgery, regardless of the correction of other vision problems, is that every person has their own experience getting used to how they take in their surroundings.

In the first few days after cataract surgery, it is common to experience a bit of blurriness. Very quickly, though, vision will be clear enough to resume normal daily activities, minus those that are strenuous. Some patients notice that colors are brighter and more vibrant. At first, a rose-colored tinge may be noticed. This will fade away over a few days time, revealing a new crispness that was hidden behind cataracts.

Most people who have cataracts removed report a high degree of satisfaction with the results of surgery. Although dependence on eyeglasses for distance or near vision may remain, seeing clearly is exceedingly rewarding.

Let us help you enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision. Contact the Orange County Eye Institute for your visit.

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