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You have choices when it comes to your intraocular lens implant in the Laguna Hills, CA area

An integral part of cataract removal surgery is the replacement of the natural, clouded lens. Patients of the Orange County Eye Institute are in good hands with a team that offers excellent care and choices for intraocular lens implants. Our practice, located near Laguna Hills, CA, has treated patients from all over Orange County.

Intraocular lenses available today come in a wide variety. There are monofocal lenses, which are very simple and basic, and premium IOLs designed to restore as near natural function as possible. Premium, multifocal lenses can address problems such as presbyopia and astigmatism and allow the patient to enjoy a wider field of vision without the use of eye glasses.

The monofocal lens

One of the primary benefits of the monofocal lens is that it is typically covered by insurance. This type of lens is designed to target distance vision after cataract removal surgery. Due to the essential nature of the monofocal lens, there is typically no adjustment period after surgery. The drawbacks of the monofocal IOL is that there is no correction of existing vision problems such as astigmatism and therefore there remains a need for eye glasses following surgery.

The premium multifocal lens

Though the monofocal lens may be the only fully covered by insurance benefits, many of our patients upgrade to a premium IOL so that they may address presbyopia or astigmatism, thus reducing their reliance on eye glasses in the future.

The IOL used to correct astigmatism is the Toric intra ocular lens. When a person has astigmatism, his or her vision may be distorted due to the irregular shape of the lens and / or cornea. Ideally, these structures are round. In astigmatism, the eye is more of an oval. Astigmatism may be seen in many people, though to varying degrees. In some, the distortion to vision is so mild that no vision correction is needed. In such an instance, a vision-correcting IOL after cataract surgery may not be recommended.

Presbyopia is associated with age, and can lead to difficulty seeing up close or far as the eye has a more difficult time adjusting between distances. This condition may be corrected with an accommodating IOL, Cystalens or with a standard multifocal lens.

The Orange County Eye Institute is your place to turn when it is time to remove cataracts. Our experienced team provides outstanding care and guidance on choosing the right replacement lens for your needs. Call (949) 441-5444.

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