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Find solutions for clearer vision with your Cataract Surgeon in Orange County

More than twenty million people in our country are affected by cataracts. This common vision problem most often occurs in adults over the age of forty. The risk for cataract development increases with age, with statistics showing half of the over-eighty population experiencing the cloudy vision caused by cataracts.

There was a time when cataracts would eventually lead to blindness. Today, that risk remains. However, we now have the ability to recognize this problem very early and to monitor the condition of the clouded lens, acting quickly when vision impairment affects quality of life. Dr. Salib is an experienced cataract surgeon who has treated thousands of people in his Orange County facility. If you are no longer seeing as clearly as you once did, schedule your visit to Orange County Eye Institute for a comprehensive evaluation.

Treating cataracts for clearer vision

The only way to treat cataracts is with one of two types of surgery. Dr. Salib is a nationally-recognized eye surgeon with extensive experience in the surgical removal of clouded lenses. His patients receive individual attention for their vision concerns. Dr. Salib may plan cataract surgery to include:
  • Extracapsular extraction of the cataract. This surgical procedure involves the removal of the clouded lens through a singular incision at the juncture where sclera meets cornea. Through this same incision, the new intra-ocular lens is implanted.
  • Phamoemulsification is an innovative method of cataract removal preferred in most situations. This method also involves a small incision. The incision for this procedure, however, is made to accommodate a tiny probe that emits ultrasound to emulsify the affected lens. The emulsification of the lens facilitates easier removal through gentle suction. The capsule in which the lens is held remains intact and able to hold the newly implanted lens. Phamoemulsification typically has a shorter recovery period than extracapsular cataract extraction.
Patients treated with either cataract removal surgery typically receive topical or local anesthetic before their procedure. Anesthetic will dull the sensitivity of nerves for greater comfort and also makes it easier for patients to complete treatment without blinking. We are focused on results but also on patient comfort. Many of our patients benefit from sedation to aid in a stress-free cataract removal procedure.

Orange County Eye Institute is located in Laguna Hills not far from Interstate 5 and El Toro Road. Call (949) 441-5444 to schedule your consultation with Dr. George Salib.

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