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Best Orange County Cataract Surgeon uses premium artificial lenses

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Trust your eyes to an ophthalmologist experienced with cataract treatment. As the best Orange County cataract surgeon, Dr. George Salib is pleased to offer advanced laser systems that make an already safe and well-tolerated procedure even more precise, comfortable, and efficient. Dr. Salib's Laguna Hills office offers a range of premium intraocular lenses designed to replace the clouded lens for clear and unobstructed vision.

Dr. Salib's onsite diagnostics center uses with advanced equipment for preoperative testing to confirm if cataracts are to blame. Accurate and advanced diagnostics help to guide Orange County Eye Institute's treatment approaches.

The timing of your surgery is personal. Many early cataracts are quite small and won't affect vision significantly. For other patients, the side effects of early-stage cataracts may be improved with noninvasive approaches, such as new eyeglasses, lighting modifications, or anti-glare sun protection. However, once cataracts have developed they can't be reversed. They won't go away without intervention. There are no medications, vitamins, or drops to treat cataracts.

All that said, just because the treatment is "invasive," doesn't mean it is traumatic, risky, or requires long healing time. On the contrary, cataract surgery is one of the most common, safe, and effective procedures in the United States. It's estimated that about 90 percent of patients see better after cataract surgery.

When to move forward

With today's cataract surgery in the capable hands of Dr. Salib, there is no time like the present to regain clear vision. You may wish to progress with surgery due to:
  • Vision disturbances that affect the quality of your life
  • Poor vision that causes you to change your normal activities and plans, such as avoiding night-time driving
  • Frequent changes to your contacts or eyeglass prescriptions

Restore your vision; restore your life. Call us at (949) 441-5444 to schedule an appointment.

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I like to thank the whole staff for excellent service and to welcome me as a new patient. And to thank Dr. Salib for answering all my questions and provide me with excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. George Salib for his excellent service.

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