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Key facts about eye lens replacement surgery

Key facts about eye lens replacement surgery
At Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, California, we believe everyone should have the ability to see clearly and are committed to offering groundbreaking technologies and treatment options to help our patients achieve clear vision and healthy eyes. For people suffering from vision problems and who are ineligible for laser eye treatment, eye lens replacement surgery can be a truly life-changing procedure. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary treatment option from ophthalmic surgeon Dr. George Salib. Eye lens replacement surgery: It’s not just for cataracts Most people who have heard of eye lens replacement surgery think it … Continue reading

Types and benefits of cosmetic eye surgery explained by an oculoplastic surgeon

Cosmetic Eye Surgery Benefits in Laguna Hills CA Area
Drooping eyelids, bags and puffiness under the eyes, sunken eyes, and drooping eyebrows can all have a negative impact on your facial appearance, making you look older than you really are. Still, perhaps, more importantly, some of these issues can start to cause problems with your vision, reducing your ability to see clearly. At Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, California, our oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Melanie Erb is highly skilled and experienced in working with patients to achieve the aesthetic results they seek while also ensuring they have the best visual outcomes possible. The benefits of cosmetic surgery go beyond … Continue reading

The search to find an exceptional cataract surgeon ends in Laguna Hills, CA at our specialty center

Find Cataract Surgeon at Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA Area
Difficulty reading, painting, watching television, or participating in other activities that you enjoy may have brought you to this website. Cataracts may cause vision changes that interfere with your day-to-day life. This age-related “clouding” of the natural lens of the eye can make everything you look at appear foggy, blurry, hazy, or dull – like looking out of a dirty or dusty window. In the search to find a cataract surgeon in the Laguna Hills, CA area, you have come to the right place. Orange County Eye Institute is led by Dr. George Salib, a Board-certified ophthalmologist. As an ophthalmologist, … Continue reading

Advanced glaucoma testing and treatments in Laguna Hills

Glaucoma Treatments at Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA Area
An estimated three million people in this country have a progressive eye condition called glaucoma. About half do not realize they have it. That is one of the reasons glaucoma is responsible for up to 12 percent of all cases of blindness in the U.S. Fortunately, outstanding screening technologies and expert treatments are available to patients in the Laguna Hills area, at the Orange County Eye Institute. Two types of glaucoma Glaucoma is a family of disorders that damage the optic nerve. The most common forms of the disease are open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. The eye is equipped with … Continue reading

Trust your Botox Injections Procedure to a skilled and experienced specialist in Laguna Hills, CA

Botox Injections Procedure at Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA Area
Botox is a safe and predictable anti-aging treatment when in capable hands. As an aesthetic procedure, some tend to forget that Botox is still a medical treatment. As such, it is important to select a medical provider who is skilled and trained in the proper and safe use of this product. The Botox Injections Procedure in Laguna Hills, CA, at Orange County Eye Institute, is performed by Dr. Melanie Erb. Dr. Melanie Erb is among the select few surgeons who are double-certified as an oculofacial plastic surgeon. She has performed thousands of procedures, including cosmetic laser and injectable treatments. Due … Continue reading

Take a closer look at laser cataract removal with a skilled eye surgeon in Laguna Hills, CA

Laser Cataract Surgeon at Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA Are
Cataract surgery is one of the world’s oldest types of surgical procedures, dating back to the fifth century BC. However, “modern” cataract removal and vision correction would not be born until the mid-1900s. While “traditional” cataract surgery remains one of the most common surgeries worldwide, at Orange County Eye Institute, we also provide surgical alternatives. Many people are familiar with the use of lasers in the ophthalmological world via LASIK for vision correction. Dr. George Salib has established himself as an authority in LASIK, as well as a skilled Laser Cataract Surgeon in Laguna Hills, CA.  A closer look at … Continue reading

Restore your vision, quality of life with a skilled doctor for cataract surgery in Laguna Hills, CA

Doctor for Cataract Surgery at Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills CA Area
Do you no longer drive at night, because street signs look distorted? Has your independence suffered, as you must arrange transportation rather than taking off on your own? Are puzzles, reading, and other once-loved activities frustrating because you can no longer see clearly? You may be among the almost 25 million Americans with cataracts. A natural process of aging, cataracts refer to a clouding of the lens of the eye, akin to looking through a dirty window. Cataracts are common. But you do not have to live with a poor quality of life due to them. When searching for a … Continue reading

Laguna Hills, CA LASIK eye surgeon explains the benefits of laser eye surgery

In Laguna Hills, CA Area LASIK Eye Surgeon Explains the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery
When you are unable to see clearly with your natural eyesight, it can make everyday things in life difficult – from simply reading the alarm clock in the middle of the night to playing sports or taking a swim, relying on contacts and glasses requires planning and can hamper your ability to fully enjoy life’s activities. With LASIK laser eye surgery, you can say goodbye to life with glasses or contacts!Dr. Salib, LASIK eye surgeon at the Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, CA, knows first-hand how life-changing this treatment can be. Read on to learn more about the … Continue reading

Laguna Hills patients find relief with glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma Treatment in Laguna Hills Area at Orange County Eye Institute
Glaucoma is a serious and common eye condition that most often impacts patients over the age of 60. Because it can occur gradually and without obvious symptoms, many patients don’t consider that they might have glaucoma until they begin to notice changes in vision. However, vision loss that occurs because of glaucoma cannot be restored. Therefore, Dr. George Salib of Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills urges his patients to be monitored for glaucoma and begin treatment immediately to prevent loss of vision. What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disease that impacts the optic nerve within the eye. It … Continue reading

Laguna Hills, CA doctor shares the causes for dry eye along with treatment options

Do your dry eyes make you miserable? If so, you should schedule an appointment with Laguna Hills, CA ophthalmologist, Dr. George Salib. Dry eye disease is a multi-faceted condition that can cause patients uncomfortable symptoms such as burning, dryness, extreme sensitivity to wind or drafts, and the sensation of foreign bodies in the eyes. In the following article, Dr. Salib will address what dry eye disease is, what causes it, and the various treatments available. WHAT IS DRY EYE DISEASE? Dry eye disease is one of the most common ocular conditions among patients in the United States. The main characteristic of the … Continue reading

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