One of the best LASIK surgeons offers Laguna Hills area patients the ability to improve vision quickly

Relying on contacts or eyeglasses for clear vision can, at some point, become a frustrating experience. Eyeglasses may cause irritation to the bridge of the nose. Contact lenses, on the other hand, can lead to eye irritation and other nuisances. One of the best ways to get away from these problems is to investigate LASIK surgeons in your area. Dr. George Salib is recognized in the Laguna Hills area and across the nation for his expertise in the correction of vision problems. To learn more about his experience and LASIK itself, schedule your visit at Orange County Eye Institute.

It may be difficult to imagine having a surgical procedure performed on your eyes. LASIK, however, has remained one of the most commonly performed eye procedures for years, very successfully enabling patients to reduce their need for corrective eyewear. LASIK may be performed to correct problems such as astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

The quick and comfortable procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Treatment begins with numbing medication to facilitate comfort. This medication also makes it easier for the patient to refrain from blinking during the few-minute LASIK procedure. As comfortable instrumentation stabilizes the eyelids open, Dr. Salib uses the precision femtosecond laser to create a small flap in the cornea. A cool excimer laser is then used to alter the existing shape of the tissue just beneath the lifted cornea. The technology behind our laser leads to extreme accuracy in the shaping of the cornea for improved vision.

LASIK surgery is very precise and very gentle to the tissues in the eye. Within weeks, the reshaped cornea progressively heals. The effect of surgery is typically no more than slight irritation which subsides over several hours. Patients are encouraged to avoid touching their eyes as tissues heal.


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Surgical vision correction has helped millions of people see more clearly without constant reliance of eyeglasses or contacts. Suitable for the correction of both farsightedness and nearsightedness, LASIK often leads to better vision within just a few days. In some cases, improvement may continue for up to six months.

Dr. Salib and his team can help you regain better vision and a better quality of life. Learn more about the LASIK procedure in your consultation visit. Call (949) 441-5444 today.


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