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The Trulign toric IOL is helping Laguna Hills patients see a clearer picture of life

An integral part of cataract treatment is finding the most suitable lens to replace the natural, clouded lens, which we remove through a gentle process. Intraocular lenses, called IOLs, have been used in cataract surgeries for more than fifty years, though FDA approval was only granted in the early 80s. Before the development of IOLs, vision correction after cataract surgery involved either very thick eyeglasses or specialized contact lenses.

More recently, a great deal of consideration has been given to the importance of good vision following the removal of cataracts. Clear, sharp vision at all distances is crucial to a good quality of life. Not only do modern replacement lenses take the place of the natural lens, but they also have a greater capability than ever to correct vision problems.

Intraocular lenses come in standard monofocal or multifocal form. There are now also accommodating lenses and premium lenses such as the toric lens, which is designed for the patient with astigmatism. Accommodating IOLs can correct vision with several points of focus rather than just one. Until the development of the Trulign toric IOL, patients with astigmatism had limited options for an accommodating lens after cataract surgery.

We are pleased to offer the Trulign IOL in surgeries performed in our Laguna Hills facility. The Trulign IOL is a single lens with multiple benefits. Rather than correcting vision only near or far, the Trulign IOL makes it easier to see clearly at all distances without the need for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Benefits of the Trulign IOL:

  • Corrects cataracts and then some
  • Provides you with a broad range of vision as compared to standard mono-focal lenses
  • Can decrease your reliance on glasses for everyday activities
  • Trulign has been designed as a permanent vision-enhancing solution
  • The outpatient cataract surgery and lens replacement takes only about twenty minutes

Want to know more about Trulign?

At Orange County Eye Institute, patients consult with an experienced eye surgeon who carefully selects the technologies and products used in our practice. A thorough history and examination are performed on each patient to determine the best approach to cataracts and vision correction. We take a customized approach to care and explain the details of treatment so each of our patients can make the most informed decision about his or her options.

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