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Toric lenses from your Orange County eye surgeon improve your vision and your life

Clouded vision caused by cataracts may stand in your way of enjoying all of your favorite activities. Likewise, blurred vision from astigmatism is a problem that forces you to wear glasses to see with optimal clarity. When these two problems coexist, frustration and a lack of satisfaction with life may develop. At Orange County Eye Institute, we think that your vision is important. We provide the array of services that can meet your needs for vision correction whether you have astigmatism, cataracts, or another problem affecting your eyesight.

If the time has come to regain a better quality of life through cataract surgery, one of the aspects of care we will focus on is your replacement lens. There are a number of different types of intraocular lenses, or IOLs. Patients with astigmatism may be well served by Toric lenses to replace unhealthy natural lenses. They have helped many of our patients feel more confident and capable of doing the things they love.

The value of the Toric lens is it addresses two problems at once. This lens replaces a clouded one, while also making up for the odd shape of the cornea. Ideally, the cornea is shaped spherically. When the cornea is shaped oblong, more like a football, light cannot adequately reflect off of the structures at the back of the eye. Hence, objects at various distances are unclear.

An important note about the Toric intraocular lens is that it will not necessarily eliminate your reliance on eyeglasses. This premium lens is an excellent choice, correcting vision at a distance so that you only need corrective eyewear for reading or other close-up tasks. An option that you may consider to reduce your need for glasses is with a method called monovision. In this procedure, a distance-correcting lens is placed in one eye, while near-vision is corrected with a different prescription in the other eye.


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Personalized care is a smart investment in your quality of life

No matter which lens is selected, there may be certain changes that take some getting used to. At Orange County Eye Institute, you receive personal attention through which you can make the most informed decision about your surgery.

Our goal is to help each of our patients regain the highest quality of life through the right procedures and products for their needs. To learn more about cataract surgery and intraocular lenses, call (949) 441-5444.


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George Salib , MD, MS

Dr. George Salib is a leading cataract specialist and top ophthalmic surgeon in California.

An alumnus of UCLA, Georgetown University, and University of Wisconsin Medical School, he received ophthalmology training at King-Drew Medical Center, a residency program affiliated with UCLA, and followed a fellowship in advanced surgical techniques at Tulane University, New Orleans.

Besides cataract treatments, Dr. Salib is also experienced in multifocal lenses, laser eye treatments, Glaucoma, corneal transplants, macular degeneration, Comprehensive eye care, Laser assisted cataract surgery, Dry eye and pterygium surgery. He is passionate about educating others on eye health and is committed to helping patients maximize their vision and living their lives to the fullest.

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