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The ReSTOR® intraocular lens may be ideal after It is the natural lens itself which has become stiff and hard. Therefore, cataract removal surgery revolves around removing the natural lens. Without a lens, vision would be severely affected. For this reason, cataract surgery also involves the insertion of a suitable replacement lens. Intraocular lenses come in a wide variety with each type designed to meet certain needs for clear, sharp vision.

Monofocal lenses are those designed to correct distance vision. There is also the option for a multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) which facilitates clear vision both near and far. The ReSTOR® lens is often an ideal solution for our Laguna Hills patients being treated for cataracts.

Intraocular lenses like the ReSTOR® IOL are intended for the correction of presbyopia, a common age-related condition. Using this lens appropriately, Dr. Salib gives patients the best chance at seeing more clearly without having to rely on eyeglasses or contacts.

ReSTOR® ideal for a number of situations

The entire purpose of cataract surgery is to improve visual acuity so the patient can resume normal activities without the challenges posed by cataracts. When presbyopia is also an issue, the ReSTOR® lens may be the ideal choice of IOL. We enable patients to select the most appropriate lens for their needs by performing a thorough evaluation and discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of different lenses. ReSTOR® is a lens that can often be used in cataract surgery even if LASIK has been previously performed on the same eye. What matters the most in choosing this lens is that the eye is generally healthy.

At Orange County Eye Institute, we understand that every person has unique needs. We are pleased to have multiple options for different types of intraocular lenses in order to achieve the best results for each person. In some cases, the ReSTOR® lens is not suitable. Examples include:
  • The preoperative examination identifies a retina condition such as macular degeneration.
  • When night vision is of the utmost importance, we may consider a lens other than ReSTOR®.
  • Expectations for results can lead to dissatisfaction with vision after cataract surgery. We discuss what to expect at length in order to prepare patients for the results achieved.
  • Patient preference is always a factor. Some patients do not mind wearing eyeglasses and will simply choose a monofocal IOL.
How well you see will directly impact the joy you get from everyday life. If cataracts are a problem for you, see how removal and replacement with the appropriate lens can help. Call Orange County Eye Institute to learn more.

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