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Opthalmologist in Laguna Hills California discusses how to avoid aging your eyes

The eyes, like the rest of the body, will respond to factors that come from within and those that come from the environment. The habits that we keep can have an immense impact on the way our eyes age on the outside and also how they age internally, affecting vision.

Dr. George Salib is an experienced opthalmologist who has treated men and women from Laguna Hills and other Orange County, California communities with personal attention. Some of the tips he offers to ward off premature aging of the eyes include:

  • Protect your eyes with the right sunglasses. Eyewear has become somewhat of a “designer accessory” in today’s society. The primary point of wearing sunglasses is, however, to diminish the effects of high-energy visible rays and UV rays from the sun. Over-exposure to these rays can lead to aging of the eye itself through photokeratitis and also to aging of the delicate skin on the eyelid. UV exposure has been linked to fleshy growths on the surface of the eye, to macular degeneration, and also to cataracts. In extreme cases, UV exposures could lead to cancerous growths on the eyelid. The best sunglasses are those that block 100 percent of UV rays. The best practice is to wear sunglasses every day, even when there are clouds in the sky.
  • Health care professionals of all kinds encourage patients to avoid smoking. This habit, in particular, can be very damaging to the eyes, increasing the risk for dry eyes, uveitis, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy in those with diabetes. Whatever your age and however long you have smoked, stopping this habit now will decrease your chances of experiencing a serious eye condition.
  • Food choices are important to general health and also specifically to the health of your eyes and longevity of eyesight. A diet that is richly colored and inclusive of fresh leafy greens promotes eye health. Wild-caught fish, as well, which is high in Omega fatty acid, can be beneficial in the prevention of age-related vision problems.


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Many of the healthy habits we create to keep our body strong have a positive impact on the health of our eyes. Vision problems can be assessed and corrected as needed with care from your experienced Orange County eye doctor. Contact the office of Dr. George Salib today to schedule your visit.


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