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Details on the Tecnis multifocal lens from your California eye specialist

The area of intraocular lenses is constantly evolving, with innovative advances such as the Tecnis multifocal lens improving the way we treat vision problems. Tecnis is a multifocal lens, which we use in our California practice for lens replacement after the removal of a cataract-affected lens. This IOL can also be used in refractive lens exchange.

The Tecnis IOL replaces the eye's natural lens, and features an optic design that functions like a bifocal. This lens produces clear images of objects in the distance, while simultaneously allowing sharp visualization of objects at near and intermediate distances as well. This is what is unique about the Tecnic multifocal when compared to other popular IOLs. This lens does not operate in conjunction with the muscles of the eye, allowing it to work independently and produce the clearest possible vision.

Essentially, the Tecnis is like two lenses, addressing both distance and near vision for the highest degree of consistency. Due to its design, this lens provides increased patient satisfaction, because more activities can be engaged in without the need for eyeglasses, like reading fine print or working with small tools.

The type of IOL used is determined by a number of factors. Tecnis may be recommended for those patients with a need for near, intermediate, and distance vision correction who desire independence from eyeglasses after cataract surgery or lens replacement. The presence of presbyopia does not affect candidacy. Those who receive Tecnis lenses in both eyes are 90% less likely to need eyeglasses for visual assistance in any activity.

Determining which multifocal lens is most appropriate requires a comprehensive evaluation and discussion of concerns and needs. Although highly effective in many instances, there are certain circumstances in which Tecnis may not be ideal. These include:
  • Unrealistic expectations of results, or extreme dissatisfaction with current prescription.
  • Extensive night driving for either occupation or hobby.
  • Regular operation of any type of airplane.
  • The desire for a guaranteed outcome.
  • A lifelong issue with glare.
  • Previous Radial Keratotomy surgery.
  • Retinal conditions such as macular degeneration.
If you are happy wearing eyeglasses, then a replacement lens like Tecnis may not be necessary. However, if you desire independence from corrective contacts or glasses, this multifocal IOL may be ideal for you. Contact us for more information on vision correction surgery.

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