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Improving the care we provide to our Orange County patients with LenSx

The world of medicine, like many other areas, is continually evolving, which brings great benefit to both practitioner and patient. When dealing with cataracts, our Orange County office incorporates the use of LenSx®, made by Alcon. This technology allows us to approach cataract removal with a computer-controlled, bladeless laser, leading to a great deal of precision and safety in the critical steps of this procedure. Using LenSx® means that our patients get a fully customized treatment plan through the creation of a custom map, delineating every important area accessed during the procedure.

The technology behind LenSx® is a femtosecond laser, which is used to make corneal incisions and break up the lens clouded by cataracts. The result is a perfectly sized capsulotomy. The femtosecond laser has actually been in use for some time, assisting in LASIK procedures for safe and effective reshaping of the corneal tissue. In cataract surgery, the benefits we have seen include the creation of a more precise, predictable procedure that is safe and easily reproducible.

Rather than making a number of tiny cuts by hand, your surgeon can now use LenSx® to have precise cuts made quickly and safely. The additional real-time imaging feature allows the continual visualization of the surgical process and the effect on the eye. This technology aids in the performance of:
  • Anterior capsulotomy, the incision made in the natural crystalline lens
  • Lens fragmentation, in which a cataract lens is broken up
  • Corneal incisions made throughout cataract removal surgery, including astigmatism correcting incisions
The most important aspect of adding new and improved technology to our practice is the benefits brought to our patients. Following cataract surgery with LenSx®, patients experience greatly improved vision, in many instances minimizing the need to wear corrective eyeglasses or contacts. The artificial lens placed after the removal of a cataract allows better focus of light on the retina, providing clear vision.

Cataract surgery with LenSx® takes only ten to fifteen minutes to complete in most cases. Following surgery, the patient may experience some redness on the eye, which will disappear within a week to ten days.

We proudly are one of very few surgeons in Orange County that can offer this procedure to our patients. In fact, Dr. Salib was the first surgeon in the Western United States to use the most updated version of this laser at the time.

Excellent vision is not a given in life. To correct vision problems that pose inconvenience, contact us today.

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