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After Cataract Surgery, the right Multifocal Lens helps our Laguna Hills patients reduce their need for eyeglasses

Vision restoration after cataract surgery had, for some time, involved the placement of a monofocal lens implant. The monofocal implant contains a prescription for a particular distance. In some cases, individual implants for each eye may contain a varied prescription, making it easier to see clearly both near and farther away. Although a beneficial use of monofocal lenses, there has been even greater success with the use of the technologically advanced multifocal lens.

After cataract surgery, patients may wonder whether or not their multifocal lens will give them complete freedom from eyeglasses. During consultation in our Laguna Hills eye institute, Dr. Salib discusses with patients the results they may expect from our high standard of care.

Although vision can be greatly improved with cataract surgery, most patients do find that they continue to have some degree of reliance on eyeglasses. There are several factors that may impact the clarity of print, for instance, such as the amount of light available in different settings, pupil size, and the quality of print. Additionally, optimal results for clarity of vision are dependent on a healthy retina.

Every person is different so it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how often one may require eyeglasses. Some fall on one end or the other of the spectrum, either needing eyeglasses at all times or not at all. Most people, however, are somewhere in between. The overall reliance on eyeglasses after the implantation of a multifocal lens will depend on factors such as the visual demand of certain activities, the presence of astigmatism, and retina health. What research has determined is that the use of a quality multifocal lens has a much greater chance at decreased reliance than the standard monofocal lens.

One of the most noticeable effects of multifocal lens implant as compared to the monofocal lens is seen with up close tasks. When distance vision is naturally healthy, patients may not wear eyeglasses except for when they need to read a menu, receipts, photos, the cell phone, etc. If reading glasses must be used for these various tasks, keeping them handy at all times may be a tedious task. Although patients who choose a multifocal lens may wear eyeglasses when up close tasks are performed for an extended period, they tend to find it much easier and much more convenient to manage simple tasks without the assistance of eyeglasses.

Dr. George Salib has performed thousands of eye procedures with outstanding results. His expertise and gentle nature helps patients understand the details of proposed treatment, enabling them to confidently choose procedures best suited to their needs. Learn more about intraocular lenses at (949) 441-5444.

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