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"Dr. Salib was knowledgeable and excellent in communicating his findings to a layperson. He related that he cared, and gave me some hope that my vision could be improved."

When you schedule a consult with your LASIK surgeon in Laguna Hills, you're one step closer to clearer vision

Millions of people wear contact lenses or eyeglasses daily to see clearly. Though there are benefits to corrective eyewear, many people find the daily chore of inserting lenses or wearing glasses incredibly frustrating. After a few hours, eyeglasses may feel heavy and uncomfortable as they rest on the bridge of the nose. Contact lenses may sometimes be difficult to insert, may slide out of place, or may cause eyes to feel irritated. A solution to the downside of corrective eyewear is available, and when you schedule a consult with LASIK surgeon Dr. George Salib in Laguna Hills, you can discover just how simple it is to see more clearly without corrective lenses ruling your life.

While LASIK has been a very common eye procedure for several years, most people who consider this procedure still find it somewhat unnerving to think about someone operating on their eyes. LASIK, which is performed to correct hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism, takes only a few minutes to complete and has been extremely successful in millions of cases.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure that is made comfortable with the application of numbing eye drops before surgery. A benefit to the use of numbing medication is that it makes it easier to keep your eyes open throughout the short procedure; although we facilitate this with a comfortable instrument, as well.

During the LASIK procedure, precision femtosecond laser technology is used to make a tiny flap in the outermost corneal tissue. Using a cool excimer laser, Dr. Salib will reshape the tissue that lies beneath the flap. Laser assisted surgery is extremely precise in the optimal shaping of the cornea leading to excellent results.

LASIK is a gentle procedure that does not harm ocular tissues. Most patients feel well enough to return to normal activities within a day of their procedure; though healing continues over several weeks. Post-surgical sensations are typically no more than slight irritation, such as grittiness, which subsides over the course of hours, not days. Refraining from touching the eyes as they heal promotes a more pleasant experience.

Millions of people have reduced their reliance on corrective lenses or eyeglasses thanks to surgical vision correction. LASIK is suitable for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, as well as, astigmatism. Though improvement is seen immediately, this often continues for several months.

Clear vision equates to a higher quality of life. We are happy to share details of LASIK with you during your visit to Orange County Eye Institute. Call (949) 441-5444 for your consultation.

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Orange County Eye Institute
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I like to thank the whole staff for excellent service and to welcome me as a new patient. And to thank Dr. Salib for answering all my questions and provide me with excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. George Salib for his excellent service.

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