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Improving vision even more after LASIK eye surgery near Lake Forest, CA

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People who have relied on eyeglasses or contacts to read or to see clearly at distance have found new freedom with LASIK eye surgery. Since it was first developed, LASIK has remained one of the most commonly performed refractive surgical procedures, helping millions of people see better.

There are several reasons why this outpatient procedure is appealing to those who wish to minimize their dependence on eyeglasses. LASIK is highly effective at correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness, and requires very little downtime. Most people who undergo this procedure find recovery to be quite easy, and many can see more clearly within just a day or two.

Everyone's eyes are different, and LASIK surgery is not guaranteed to produce immediate results in every person. In some, vision reaches its clearest after a few months. Some people continue to experience improvement up to six months after their LASIK eye surgery procedure in our facility near Lake Forest, CA.

The goal of refractive eye surgery is to produce clear vision by addressing the unique problems within the patient's eye. The procedure is planned according to the average healing response that most often takes place. Some patients healing process may be faster or slower than the average, however. In such instances, it is possible that the refractive error will be either under corrected or overcorrected. An under corrected error still leads to improved vision, but there may still be a need for eyeglasses. Overcorrection, as well, leaves room for improvement, causing one to experience nearsightedness or farsightedness, whatever is opposite the error corrected in treatment.

The good news is that, if under correction or overcorrection takes place due to your unique healing process, vision can still be improved in a secondary procedure performed by Dr. Salib. After the eye has completely healed, and it is possible to analyze the clarity of vision, an enhancement procedure can be performed. For some, the under- or overcorrection of refractive error is so minimal that no touch up is needed. The secondary procedure is performed to meet a patient's personal preferences.

LASIK is a common eye procedure that most often produces highly successful results. Your experienced eye doctor can discuss the expected outcome of LASIK or other vision-correcting procedures so that you feel completely comfortable with your choice of treatment.

The Orange County Eye Institute has helped many people in Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, and other areas enjoy better vision. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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