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Improve vision with laser treatments for glaucoma in Laguna Hills, CA

Advances in the field of medicine allow eye specialists to offer more options for the treatment of various eye conditions. Glaucoma, for instance, may now be addressed with safe, effective laser treatments instead of with eye drops alone.

Laser glaucoma treatment is called laser trabeculoplasty. This procedure may be a suitable course of treatment for patients with open angle glaucoma whose vision has continued to deteriorate even with medical treatment. Depending on the type and severity of glaucoma, as well as other factors, an eye specialist may recommend laser treatment before attempting others.

The purpose of laser treatments for glaucoma, offered in our Laguna Hills, CA office, is to reduce intraocular pressure and slow the progression of vision loss. Eyes affected by open angle glaucoma cannot drain fluid properly due to malfunction in the trabecular meshwork, the area of the eye in which drainage occurs. Current laser procedures prompt slight changes within this meshwork, leading to improvement in drainage and, thus, reduced pressure.

What to expect from laser glaucoma treatments

Laser treatments for glaucoma are performed on an outpatient basis. In our office, numbing eye drops are applied to the eye being treated. The patient rests in a slit lamp seat, in which the chin and forehead are each comfortably supported. A lens is then placed around the eye. This will comfortably keep the eye open and minimize movements during the few minutes laser light is directed into the eye. These treatments, for most people, are only mildly uncomfortable.

After laser treatments, vision may be slightly blurry. Mild irritation may also occur. These side effects tend to be very mild and only short-lived. Laser glaucoma treatment cannot successfully restore vision that has been lost. Your eye doctor will likely request follow-up appointments the day after treatment and the week following treatment to check eye pressure. To aid in healing after treatment, soothing eye drops may be prescribed for use four times a day during the week following the laser procedure. This drop does not replace current glaucoma drops.


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Laser glaucoma treatments can reduce dependence on daily eye drops. However, the overall effect is different for everyone. Your doctor will advise you based on the type of glaucoma you have and the rate of progression.

Innovations in medicine are helping us better serve our patients eye care needs. To schedule your eye exam, contact us at (949) 441-5444.


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