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Cataract Surgery Testimonials

5 Star Rating
"Dear Dr. Salib & Staff.
I would like to thank you and your incredible staff for their professional and most ‘sensitive’ care during my Cataract surgery this past May. A special thanks go the staff member who took my call on day 5 post op surgery to express my over reactive anxiety regarding my eye pressure after surgery. She calmly and rightfully advised me it was normal to have some swelling/edema for up to 14days post-op. However once she quickly recognized my anxiety level was escalating as we spoke she offered to have me come in and be seen. I think it’s a known axiom that retired nurses (which I am) validate the saying ‘a little knowledge is dangerous!’ and I’m grateful for her patience & kindness with me. All went well with my recovery, follow up and of course the ultimate goal improving my quality of life through improved vision for distance and nighttime driving.

I worked in Healthcare and related Healthcare industry for over 40 yrs. So I speak from experience when I say delivering quality care depends equally on ‘Skill & TLC’. Dr. Salib you and your team deliver both exceptionally well. I have recommended Orange County Eye Institute to my friends and constituents over these past 8 months and will continue to do so in the future.

A More Than Satisfied Patient

~ Annie S., February 16, 2017"
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"During the last few years I suffered from declining vision in both eyes that could not be corrected with stronger lenses on my glasses or with the benefit of brighter light. My optometrist advised cataract surgery to replace the natural clouded lenses with artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs). He recommended Dr. Salib as an authority on cataract surgery. After some hesitation on my part arising from my advanced are and my awareness of the risks involved in any surgery, I went to Dr. Salib. Here is my experience:
  • Dr. Salib conducted a set of thorough pre-op tests over several days, assisted by a competent staff, to diagnose my vision problems and to recommend the best procedures to treat them. He informed me that, in addition to the cataract, I had astigmatism. He explained to me the options for cataract surgery and their benefits, costs and risks.

  • The options ranged from standard monofocal IOLs, which deliver improved vision at only one distance and do not correct astigmatism, to premium IOLs which treat cataracts, correct astigmatism, and improve vision over a broad range of distances. An added feature is the performance of the procedure using laser instead of sharp tools, ensuring the precision of the operation and lowering the risks. Overall, the cost and the risks increase with the benefits. I opted for a premium IOL, Trulign Toric, for the benefits it promised.

  • Dr. Salib prescribed a number of eye drops to administer before and after the surgery and gave clear written instructions on how to use them. Although I felt they were excessive I was assured that they were needed to protect my eyes from complications and infections. Dr. Saib started with my right eye, and performed the outpatient surgery in the morning of Wednesday October 7, 2015. Although during the procedure I was aware of my surrounding I felt no pain or discomfort, reassured by his characteristic pleasant and confident demeanor. He called me at home that evening to on my condition, and I had a pot-op visit to his office the next day. By the evening of that day I began to experience the miracle of improved vision. The removal of the stitched the following week paved the way for a steady improvement in my vision. I gradually started to see more clearly and sharply until I reached a sight level of 20/25 and was able to go without glasses even before operating on the left eye. Just as importantly I began to experience clearer night vision. Another visit a week later showed that all was going well.

  • On November 4, four weeks after the right eye surgery, Dr. Salib performed the same on the left eye. Similar procedures were followed with the same results. I found out that I could see without glasses what others could not wearing them.

  • In a follow-up visit on December 23, Dr. Salib noticed a clouding on the IOL of the right eye, which is not unusual, and he recommended a laser procedure to remove it. The outpatient procedure was performed on February 12, 2016 and an examination 9 days later showed that it was successful.

  • My experience with Dr. Michael Salib has always been positive; I recommend him to anyone who needs cataract surgery. In fact, my wife plans to have him treat her cataract, currently in an early stage, when she is ready. He is thorough, experienced and reliable. Additionally, he is friendly and reassuring, helping to alleviate the anxiety associated with surgery.
~ Mohamed Dessouky, Aliso Viejo, February 22, 2016"
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"My experience with Dr. Salib and Orange County Eye Institute

In November of 2015, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, and my optometrist suggested a surgery. Dr. Salib was recommended to me, and I went along with the suggestion. I contacted the office for an evaluation and took several tests which were done by his staff who was kind and helpful. My first visit with Dr. Salib was very informative. Naturally I was nervous but Dr. Salib’s explanation of the surgery and what kind of lenses were best for me made me decide for a laser surgery. This was the most appealing surgery for me also.

3 weeks later, after several more visits, I had the first surgery on my right eye at the Orange County Eye Institute. Again, the staff, nurses and receptionist treated me kindly and prepared me for the surgery. During this time Dr. Salib checked on me and assured me, that the surgery would be short and painless. He was right! And two hours later, I was on my way home. Even though I only had my first eye operated on, I was able to see much more clearly, and all colors were amazingly brilliant.

4 weeks later, I had my second eye operated on, and the same kind of outstanding care was given to me.

Dr. Salib is always available for his patients and their concerns. I would highly recommend him and his staff for my eye tests and treatments. Thank you Dr. Salib! You have made my world so much brighter and clearer and I just cannot stop talking about the differences I experienced after the surgery. I feel blessed to have you as my surgeon and wish you the best for the future. Also please thank Keistal, my coordinator for his kindness and help before and after surgeries!"
~ Ursula Vreeland, 1st February 2016
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dear Dr. Salib,

My name is Maya Rosenblum, and I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff for a making my experience having cataract surgery so rewarding. I can now see 20/20 and my care before and after were excellent.

I was thrilled that I can see so well with my Trulign Toric lenses the day after my surgery. After having such poor vision prior surgery, this has been life changing for me.

Your staff was across the board in professionalism before and after surgery. Your attention to detail, and being so thorough was exceptional. The staff at the surgery center was also very kind and attentive.

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience and the outcome of my cataract surgery.

I will highly recommend Dr. Salib and his staff to my family and friends for their ophthalmology care in the future. "
~ Maya Rosenblum, 7th July 2015
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dr. Salib has been checking my eyes for several years. He told me I was developing cataracts in both eyes. Over the years it got progressively worse. In January of 2015 it had reached the point where I could not longer read street signs and knew it was time to have the cataracts removed.

I have worn glasses since I was 6 years old. Dr. Salib told me I could also correct my vision by placing a corrective lens in my eye instead of the replacement lens.

Prior to my surgery, Dr. Salib reviewed my choices of corrective lens and explained exactly what was going to be done, including the pre operative and post operative drops I would have to start using.

The surgery was scheduled for March 18th. I decided to have the Crystal lens (corrective lens) implanted and use the laser equipment to make the incisions.

One day after the surgery, I was able to read the print on our television set. I can't tell you how surprised and happy I was to be able to see and read clearly without my glasses. I have now had the other eye done and the results are remarkable.

I highly recommend Dr. Salib. He is very thorough and takes the time to go over all aspects of your vision."
~ Patricia Keahey
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Recently, I had cataract eye surgery by Dr. George Salib of the Orange County Eye Institute and the results are SPECTACULAR!! Now, all I see appears to be almost new and interesting. Everyday sights are a delight, the images are sharp and well-defined and even the TV colors are new and interesting. This result is not surprising considering the quality of the service and care provided by Dr. Salib and his staff. Dr. Salib tests every patient with every pre-op test possible with state-of-the-art equipment to insure an excellent result. Dr. Salib's staff at The Orange County Eye Institute is 'state of the art' as well. I cannot say enough about the care and quality of the care I experienced before, during, and after having cataract eye surgery."
~ William Firebaugh
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I am happy to write a testimonial for Dr. George M. Salib. I am 82 and have been going to eye doctors for over 42 years. I became a patient of Dr. Salib's about two years ago after we moved into Laguna Woods.

He is by far the best eye doctor, with a sense of humor, I have ever gone to! Why you may ask? He truly cares about you as well as your having the best vision possible! He and his staff are professional and give you the best possible care. He has given me two cataract surgeries that were excellent and really improved my vision.

I am pleased to recommend the Orange County Eye Institute to everyone! I am not a person to make a recommendation unless I feel it is truly deserved!"
~ Lonnie E. Dodson
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"From my first appointment at OCEI until my final post-op appointments after having both eyes cleared of cataracts I received professional attention, care and treatment.

I had mono lenses replace my damaged lenses, and I'm presently able to see distance and close up without glasses, but I have clear and sunglasses for driving to reduce glare and make both eyes crystal clear 20-20 near + far.

I would without hesitation recommend OCEI for all vision needs.

I am extremely happy with my new vision. Thank you all for a pleasant, stress-free, professional, and very rewarding experience."
~ Paul Hutchins
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I have been a patient of Dr. George Salib for more than six years and had every confidence in him to be the surgeon for my recent cataract surgery. Dr. Salib answered all my questions patiently. Dr. Salib's staff is A1. I highly recommend Dr. Salib."
~ Selma Feldman
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Several year ago I was informed that I had the early signs of a cataract on my right eye. I was fitted with glasses to help correct my vision. A recent visit to Dr. Chu at Aliso Optometry found that the cataract had progressed to the point I was in need of a surgery and a cataract had developed on my left eye. Dr. Chu referred me to Dr. Salib at The Orange County Eye Institute.

Dr. Salib and his staff took the time to explain my options and the procedures involved in cataract surgery. I had both eyes corrected and the results are remarkable. Besides being able to see clearly and in detail I'm able to see colors shape and bright. I was amazed to see how much the cataracts had affected my vision.

My entire experience with Dr. Salib and the staff at The Orange County Eye Institute has been wonderful. Their willingness to answer all my questions, their timely follow up, and their professional approach has been beyond my expectations. It is easy to see why Dr. Salib and The Orange County Eye Institute are considered one of the best in the field of cataract surgery."
~ Robert Jump, 15th October 2014
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"For the past several years, I needed glasses fir near vision i.e. reading. During my last vision examination, it was discovered that I had cataracts in my left eye and rather than have a new prescription, It was recommended that I see an eye surgeon for consultation. I made an appointment with Dr. George Salib of The Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, CA. After a thorough examination, he recommended cataract surgery and he was confident that I was a good candidate for this surgery. Dr. Salib fully explained my choices and without any pressure it was left to me to make the decision as to what type of lens I wanted and whether it would be laser surgery or the conventional surgery with mono vision lens.

The surgery was performed at the Pacific Hills Surgery Center and I must say that the treatment I received from the receptionist right through final recovery was outstanding. I can say in all honesty that I was unaware of an part of the actual surgery and my recovery has been excellent with no pain or side effects whatsoever. I have been back to see Dr. Salib for the post op meeting and a meeting one week later and my eyesight is now 20:20. Needless to say, I could not be more happy with the results.

One of the first things I noticed was colors being so vivid and it is sure to be reading without glasses. There is no question in my mind that I did the right thing in having the cataract surgery and I would strongly recommend The Orange County Eye Institute and specifically Dr. Salib. The entire staff is courteous and totally professional and they did everything to meet my concerns and needs."
~ Stewart Taylor, 10th October 2014
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dr George Salib and Staff, Im writing to let you know how pleased I am after my second cataract removal. The surgery was very easy and Dr. Salib did a fine job.

The staff was very efficient and everything went very smoothly

I can highly recommend Dr. Salib for his expertise and explaining the procedure to me every step of the way. I am only sorry I waited so long between having the first cataract removal and the second one "
~ Robert M
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dear Dr. Salib,

Eye care is a very sensitive issue with me in view of having grown up with a father who had lost his sight. Now, at the age of 82, retaining trouble free sight is an absolute priority.

To this point, I have escaped the need for glasses, except for reading. But I wasn't able to avoid all of the ravages of aging. I developed cataracts. This was confirmed by the Orange County Eye Institute on a routine eye exam. You, Dr. Salib, indicated that the severity of the cataracts did not warrant surgery, but that option was available to me if I felt terribly inconvenienced. In point of fact, I was inconvenienced because my night vision was impacted. Glaring from car headlights made driving a real challenge. So I opted for laser surgery.

Several inquiries yielded positive responses from patients you'd operated on, so I decided to go ahead with the surgery. You opted to work on the weakest eye first, and patiently explained to me the lens options available, and the costs associated with each option. You also were able to assure me that if I choose an upgraded lens, the stronger eye would not need that enhancement, making the sum total of both eyes more affordable.

I have now had the first eye operated on. The operation was as uneventful as a traffic jam. The reference to traffic was intentional; headlight glare was now history, and vision was 20/25. After surgery care was maintained at the highest level to be sure improvement was sustained. The next eye will be done in a few months with none of the apprehension I experienced the first time.

This testimonial was unsolicited, but given in the sincere hope that I can influence others who need cataract surgery to consult with you and use my experience as an indicator of satisfaction."
~ Robert L. Berwick
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"My name is Carol Dolan & Am 74 years old. I have been a patient of Dr.Salib's ever since he took over from Dr. Mccarthy. What a blessing that has been! His patience, compassion and ability never cease to amaze me.

Dr.Salib and been watching the cataracts in both my eyes for some time. It got to the point where I was really having trouble seeing clearly. I used to be able to watch TV and work on the computer without my glasses but I was having trouble doing either, even with my glasses. Driving at night was something I had given up because my eyes were so bad.

In November 2013 I finally made the decision to have the surgery done and it was decided to do the left eye first and in two weeks follow with the right eye. Dr. Salib brilliantly suggested he correct the left eye for distance and the right eye for close up with hope that by doing this, I would be able to get by without glasses. I have to tell you, I was terrified to have the surgery…. Someone doing something to my eye, yikes!! By the time the surgery date arrived I had worked myself into quite state. I was so scared. Dr.Salib was so understanding and patient, explaining everything. What a piece of cake it turned out to be! I couldn't believe it. Even with the patch on and just one eye corrected, the next morning I was looking at a whole new world. Everything was so crystal clear and crisp, the sky was blue! Two weeks later I had the right eye done and I felt like an old pro. The next day I was blessed to see everything with such clarity! It's been over a month now & I can read the newspaper, watch TV, work on the computer, drive my car… All without glasses! Keep in mind, I have worn glasses my entire life since I was about 8 years old. It is like a miracle to me. What freedom. No more looking for my glasses! My vision is clear. One downside, I now see cobwebs & things I didn't see before!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend cataract surgery to other patients nor would I hesitate to recommend Dr.Salib and the orange county eye institute to everyone… In fact I have referred my friends. His staff is extremely helpful and cordial. I can't say enough good things about all of them. I would never, ever have anyone else look after my eyes."
~ Carol Dolan
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I observed about two years ago I was having anxiety driving at night and reading signs. If I had known where I was going that was satisfactory but if I had to read signs I had a share of misery. The oncoming head lights would blind me and the halo around the signal lights was more than I could handle. Finally my optometrist told me I had cataracts. He referred to it as the big "C". I wish he had referred to it a lot sooner. I went to my eye surgeon who was retired and Doctor Salib had taken over his practice. This was the best thing that could have happened to me. Doctor Salib is so patient and caring; he puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. He is the finest in his field.

My eye surgery has immediately given my sight back. I have 20/15 distance vision and as of now and still improving 20/25 for reading. It's so nice to be able to drive and see signs ahead and read them. I see the leaves on the trees and I can't believe how bright everything is. Before the surgery it was like looking through a dirt window.

I have already recommended Dr. Salib to all my friends. I just don't believe you can find a higher qualified doctor who gives all of himself to his patients. This doctor is a perfectionist!

You know how nervous you are about your eye sight and what can happen to it. From the first moment I walked into the office, I was put at ease. The staff is very knowledgeable and can answer most of your questions.

If you are considering eye surgery I would recommend Orange County Eye Institute in an instant. This has been a great experience and one of the best decisions I have made in my eye care. I upgraded my lens to the Toric Lenses. Doctor will judge which lens is best for you. I promise you will be very satisfied."
~ Mary Kozick
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I want to thank the staff of the Orange County Eye Institute and Dr. Salib for the success of my cataract surgery! I certainly will be back when my left eye will need cataract removal. Right now, I am doing well and with my right eye done I can see 20/20 which makes me happy that I can function well in my daily life. I can drive at night and read small print. I am delighted that I can see so clearly, especially at my age of 75 years.

The professional care & information they give on every step of the surgery was comforting and put you at ease with loving care.

I feel that you can't go wrong by having the cataract surgery done. The new technology is great and so are the doctors who specialize on the procedure."
~ Celina Padilla
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Thank you for your expertise and professionalism throughout the process of my eye examinations and cataract surgery. I sincerely appreciated the 'care and concern you exhibited while diagnosing my condition and explaining my options. I also appreciated learning what I could expect during and following surgery, which put my mind at ease and made the entire process comforting.

For a number of reasons most physicians today do not or will not take the time to completely discuss the patient's condition or the options available to help the patient make an informed decision. Such was not the case with our visit and I left our consultation convinced that I had made the correct decision about my cataract surgery.

The procedure itself could not have been easier for me and the improvement in my vision is incredible. My only question is why I waited so long to have the procedure.

I hope that you will share this letter with any patient considering cataract surgery and please invite them to contact me to more fully discuss my experience."
~ David Brown
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Cataracts made my ability to read, drive and enjoy the world a major challenge. Since the surgery, I can once again read without glasses, I can safely drive (both day and night) and enjoy my hobby of photography. Dr. Salib gave my LIFE back to me. Since the surgery, my vision is clear! Once again, it is 20/20. The courtesy and professionalism by Dr. Salib and his staff members clearly sets the standard at the highest level. Courtesy, friendliness, professionalism and most of all, technical competence. Do not wait, the sooner you have the surgery/treatment, the sooner you will have the benefit of better vision."
~ Hannelore Clayton
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Cataracts removed - both eyes tremendous improvement and clarity of vision
Operation comfortable - well handled procedure
Always kind and courteous, attentive care"
~ Alan Brown
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Had both eyes done and I have a new appreciation of light and colors. (Cataract surgery) Very professional, Excellent pre-op"
~ Jerry Stanners
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"When I first contacted your office last year, I was extremely concerned about declining vision in my left eye. It seemed as though a grey mist was obscuring my sight; an optometrist's change of prescription had not alleviated the problem. After a thorough examination, you informed me that I had developed cataracts in both eyes and recommended lens replacement surgery in my left and later my right eye.

As I am sure is the case with many of your patients, I was nervous and fearful at the thought of EYE surgery. Despite my fears, I became more comfortable with the idea of surgery and convinced that I had chosen the correct physician to perform the surgery for the following reasons:

Without trivializing my fears or minimizing the reality of surgery, you answered my many questions honestly and forthrightly.

You provided empirical data about the cataract surgery as one of the most successful of all surgeries but enumerated the risks involved as well.

You described your own extensive training and experience in performing the procedure.

You described the entire surgical process in detail so I would not be alarmed by any aspect of the procedure.

Your skilled experienced staff provided all instructions verbally and in writing so I knew exactly what was necessary and required of me in preparing for the surgery.

My telephone calls requesting information or clarification were answered promptly, patiently and completely.

Written post surgical instructions provided explicit information about what was normal and acceptable during the recovery period as well as what was not and when to contact the office.

Your staff telephoned me after my surgery to check on my progress and remind me of proper post surgical care.

All of this information as well as the kindly professional demeanor of you and your staff helped greatly to allay my fears and insure a successful outcome. Because of my cataract surgery, I am today enjoying an active lifestyle enhanced by clear vision. I am very grateful to you and your staff and would without reservation recommend your practice to anyone in need of cataract surgery or simply seeking excellent eye care. I wouldn't trust my visual care to anyone else. "
~ Bonnie Stratton
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dr. George M. Salib M.D., Inc., reviewed my records and confirmed my past history with my former Ophthalmic Surgeons. I have had cataracts in both eyes for several years and wanted to know whether I was ready for surgery. Having Parkinson's disease and other medical conditions, requiring me to be on several medications, his exam confirmed that I had severe dry eyes. In January 2012, Dr. Salib scheduled me for Cataract Surgery on both eyes. The right eye on 2-28-2012 and the left eye on 3-21-2012. Surgery was very successful.

My vision has improved to the point that I can see without wearing glasses most of the time. All Options were carefully discussed in order for me to make my decision. I selected the Monovision Option and Dr. Salib explained that after all the refractions are complete that I may want to wear glasses in certain situations. The Post-Operative procedures were a real challenge but I became a real pro with the drops!

Dr. Salib and his staff were very professional and totally organized in all of their office procedures. The entire office team was kind, friendly, and courteous.

During the Pre-Op exam, Dr. Salib, listened to my concerns and patiently answered each question with a follow-up to give me all options available to make my choice of the lens he would implant. His cheerful greeting and kindness in the surgical area was nice. I was able to hear Dr. Salib and his team during the procedure, which was accomplished in a very professional manner using his expert knowledge and surgical skills for my Cataract Surgery. As a Diplomat on the American Board of Ophthalmology, he stays current on all of the newest technology.

As a senior, I sometimes worry about my responsibility in completing the procedures needed. OCEI helped lessen that stress by providing the information kits various fact sheets and forms. Thank you with my senior moments they only had to go over it 2 or 3 times! YOU HAVE A VERY PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT AND GREAT OFFICE STAFF. I am usually taken into the examining room on or very close to my appointment time so I have not had to wait long periods."
~ Jeanne Evett
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Dear Doctor George M. Salib,

Doctor Salib your skill as a surgeon is unsurpassed. You corrected my vision and changed my life.

As you know, in my case, cataracts were robbing me of the untold benefits of clear vision. I had trouble recognizing even close friends and relatives at relatively short distances. Driving at night was particularly difficult due to glare and inability to see pedestrians near or in crosswalks. Participating in golf, I depended on others to tell me where my golf ball went. This in turn was embarrassing and took away some of the enjoyment of that game. Most importantly, my vision was cloudy and I did not see well.

Thanks to you and your surgical skills I no longer have the vision problems I had been living with for so long. I now feel free from poor vision and I am so grateful.

The most valuable aspect of my experience is your surgical skill and the time and patience in explaining, in detail, all the information pertaining to the surgery: what would take place, the available options I could consider, the pros and cons, the things to do and not do following surgery, and what to expect. Your professional manner put me completely at ease and confident of a very successful operation. That is so important to me as I have other doctors, who in my opinion, have not yet demonstrated your level of skill and have not given me the time to ask about the things important to me.

I would encourage others who are struggling with poor vision to seriously take action and take advantage of your experience and skill as a surgeon. There is no reason for anyone to delay, even one day, scheduling surgery that can give them better vision. I recommend they select you as their surgeon.

Doctor Salib you are the best. There is no one better."
~ Dennis Harper
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Salib to anyone who may ask about an ophthalmologist or to have a cataract surgery. What a difference between what I watched long time ago and what takes place now: the examination of the eyes, the time it took to prepare me for the surgery explaining the process (Dr. Salib is not a “pushy” person; he takes the time to let the patient feel comfortable). Dr. Salib takes the time to explain the various types of lenses and leaves the patient to make his/her decision. Another issue that was important to me and I believe it is to many other: Dr. Salib has a very helpful staff which adds to the comfort of the patient. After the surgery several times until he is ready to prescribe the type of eye glasses according to the result of the surgery. In my case I did not opt for the multifocal lenses."
~ Philip S. Saif
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Cataract surgery plus laser later.
Naturally better, very professional, highly recommend Dr. Salib, seems more caring, try it you will like it."
~ Liz Isom
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"Right eye operated and lens included for short distance. Left eye had cataract. Now with new distance lens I can see without glasses after 42 years of glasses. To see now nothing required.

Up in the morning and no glasses required to look anywhere. This takes a few days but after a week for me. It's now a nice & comfortable process.

Very well trained and friendly staff. Very easy operation. Painless and Dr. Salib staff very thorough."
~ Mark Copland
Cataract Surgery Testimonials Laguna Hills - Rating
"I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care that I received. I recently had a cataract removed and a lens implant put in. The operation was surprisingly quick and the recovery has been easy and pain free. I am thrilled with my new vision and I am enjoying reading once again.

I know some people are afraid of eye surgery, but I would encourage anyone who has a cataract that is impairing their vision to have the surgery. It couldn't be easier and is well worth it."
~ Anne Riseling

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