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Our patients from Lake Forest and surrounding areas learn the importance of early glaucoma diagnosis

Within the diagnosis of glaucoma is a grouping of eye diseases, usually associated with pressure inside the eye, called intraocular pressure. Your ophthalmologist takes glaucoma very seriously, as conditions from this type of disease can lead to irreparable damage to the optic nerve. Once damage has occurred, it cannot be reversed. Untreated glaucoma puts you at risk of total vision loss.

Many people actually experience a higher than normal intraocular pressure, called ocular hypertension. This condition, however, does not cause damage to the optic nerve, nor does it lead to the loss of vision. We do look at ocular hypertension as a risk factor for the development of glaucoma, though, and monitor patients with this condition closely.

The Orange County Eye Institute seeks to give our Lake Forest patients, as well as those from neighboring communities, an early glaucoma diagnosis by providing eye testing at routine visits. Common tests that check intraocular pressure include what some people call the “puff test.” In medical terms, this puff of air delivered to the eye is called non-contact tonometry. During routine exams, you sit in front of our machine, chin placed into the chin rest. As you look at a point of light, a quick puff of air is released towards your eye. This test is completely comfortable, with nothing but air touching the eye. A calculation of intraocular pressure is made by the machine based on the amount of resistance to air.

We do NOT use the air puff test at the Orange County Eye Institute. Instead, we incorporate advanced forms of testing to lead us to a more accurate early diagnosis of glaucoma.

Because an in-depth understanding of your unique eye makeup is necessary for an accurate diagnosis, we assess the thickness of corneas as a standard part of glaucoma testing. This diagnostic test, known as pachymetry, is painless and quick, taking no more than a minute to get a clear measurement of both eyes.


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The earliest warning signs of glaucoma include vision loss, which is why early diagnosis through regular eye exams is so crucial. Protect your eyesight! Contact the Orange County Eye Institute before vision problems begin.


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