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Ophthalmologist in Laguna Hills explains eye bumps and how to get rid of them

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How to Get Rid of Bumps in Laguna Hills area

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you and having bumps on your eyelids or under your eyes can cause you to become self-conscious about your appearance. There are a few different types of eye bumps that can occur, and how you get rid of them depends on what type of bump they are. At Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, CA, Dr. George Salib and his colleague, Dr. Erb are highly trained in diagnosing and treating eye bumps to help you get back to normal.

Types of eye bumps

Most eye bumps seemingly appear out of nowhere and it can be difficult to determine what they are, what caused them, and how to treat them on your own. Common types of eye bumps include:
  • Stye: A stye is a small lump that usually appears on your eyelid by your eyelashes. It is often red and painful and can swell overtime to take over the whole eyelid. Styes can have other unpleasant symptoms such as making your eye itchy, crusty, or watery, and it makes you sensitive to bright light. They are caused by an infection of bacteria in your eyelid, usually in your eyelid gland or in an eyelash follicle.
  • Chalazion: Chalazia are similar in appearance to styes, but they typically do not hurt and are not red. A chalazion can be located on the eyelid or inside it. If a chalazion becomes large enough, it can put pressure on your eye that makes your vision blurry. Like styes, chalazia are also caused by bacteria, but rather than causing an infection, they cause swelling and blockage in the oil gland.

  • Xanthelasma: A xanthelasma is a small deposit of fat that typically appears in the inner corner of your eyelid. It is not harmful and can be due to high cholesterol levels.
  • Milia: These are small white bumps that can form on the eyelid, under the eye, or on other parts of your face. They appear under the surface of the skin and usually, there are multiple bumps grouped together. Milia form when keratin, a protein naturally produced by your body, becomes trapped beneath your skin’s surface.

How to get rid of eye bumps

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The best way to treat your eye bump depends on what kind it is.

If you have a stye or chalazion, you can usually treat it yourself with home remedies, but if they become very painful, grow much larger or more swollen, or cause problems with your vision, you should see your eye doctor. These symptoms can signal an infection, which may need to be treated with antibiotics, or the doctor may need to inject it with cortisone or drain the bump with a minor surgical procedure where they use a sterile needle to remove the fluid from the bump. The best way to treat a stye or chalazion at home is with a warm compress. To do this, take a cotton ball or washcloth soaked in warm water and apply it to the eye bump until the cloth becomes cool. Repeat this process several times per day until the stye or chalazion goes away. If a stye is very painful, you can use painkillers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain.

Xanthelasma bumps usually do not go away on their own, but a qualified eye doctor can remove them. There are a number of options for removing xanthelasma in the doctor’s office, including freezing them off, dissolving them with specialized medicines, removing them with a laser, or getting rid of them surgically. Your doctor can consult with you about the best choice for treatment after examining your skin.

Milia sometimes go away on their own over time, but if they don’t, you can try home remedies such as gently cleaning and exfoliating the affected area or using steam treatments on your face to open your pores. If home treatment doesn’t eliminate these bumps, then the eye doctors at Orange County Eye Institute can evaluate them and determine the right treatment plan. Medical treatments available for milia include freezing them with liquid nitrogen, using a small laser to open the milia and eliminate the keratin that is built up, or using a sterile needle to remove the milia.

If you have stubborn bumps on or around your eyes, call the Orange County Eye Institute in Laguna Hills, CA at (949) 441-5444 to schedule a consultation on your options for removing them.

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