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Your experienced Eye doctor in Orange County, CA can rejuvenate your facial appearance through specific treatments

The eye doctor is the one you turn to when you begin to experience changes in your vision. Dr. George Salib and the team at Orange County Eye Institute have continually provided outstanding care to residents of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, and other Southern California communities for several years. In addition to diagnosing and treating conditions of the eyes, Dr. Salib also helps his patients enjoy a more vibrant, more youthful look by addressing specific cosmetic concerns. If you have noticed that your eyes look “heavy” or droopy, a consultation with your experienced eye doctor in Orange County, CA may lead to your ideal solution: blepharoplasty.

Today, there are multiple ways to correct the signs of aging around the eyes. Some people turn to Botox to lift the brow and thus open up the eyes. While effective for some of the minor signs of aging, Botox is not the ideal solution for every problem. For instance, excessive puffiness on the upper or lower eyelids may not be noticeably improved by a few injections. In such instances, the blepharoplasty procedure should be considered.

[img1]Blepharoplasty is a minor surgical procedure that can often be performed in the office using local anesthetic. With precision technique, the doctor strategically removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the affected eyelid or lids. Tiny incisions are made in discreet areas such as the crease of the eye or the lash line. Patients find that the results achieved through this procedure can last a decade or more.

The American Academy for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, coming in ahead of rhinoplasty and even abdominoplasty. The blepharoplasty procedure is one of the most requested procedures among men and women aged 51 and older.


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Lasting results from a single procedure

Many people achieve the results they seek with a single blepharoplasty procedure. Different from treatments like Botox, eyelid surgery addresses not only the signs of aging but also hereditary factors, leading to optimal results. The full effect of blepharoplasty is typically seen several weeks after surgery, when swelling and bruising have subsided. Patients are encouraged to continue practicing good sun protection to maximize the longevity of the results.

Don’t let aging eyes get in the way of your inner glow. Call Orange County Eye Institute to learn more about cosmetic eye procedures.


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