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Corneal Transplants

There are certain conditions that lead someone to need a cornea transplant, which is a highly specialized procedure in which part of the cornea (the front clear window of the eye) is changed via a cornea transplant. At the Orange County Eye Institute, we have an eye physician who did a fellowship in Cornea (an extra year of training in this field) allowing for the best surgical treatment of such conditions that require a cornea transplant.

One of these conditions that might warrant a cornea transplant includes Fuch’s Dystrophy, in which there are fewer cells in the cornea that allow the cornea to be clear, thus resulting in a cloudy cornea.

Another condition that might lead to needing a cornea transplant is called keratoconus, in which the cornea undergoes thinning, resulting in abnormally high degrees of astigmatism. Astigmatism simply means that the cornea is not perfectly round-instead one part of the cornea is steeper than the other. This results in blurred images and can even lead to a painful condition called corneal hydrops, in which you develop a blister on the front of the eye. The majority of patients with keratoconus do not need a transplant, and they usually can manage to see well with either glasses or contact lenses.

Finally, certain infections or injuries can result in significant scarring of the cornea, leading to blindness that can only be relieved with a cornea transplant. The cloudy cornea is basically exchanged for a clear donor cornea.

At the Orange County Eye Institute, we will guide you throughout the entire process and give you our expert advice as to whether you are a candidate for such a procedure.

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