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Recognizing the link between cataracts and nutrition aids in successful eye treatment in Orange County

Cataracts are a serious problem for older Americans, with two million or more cataract removal surgeries performed across the country each year. A leading cause of vision loss, the development of a cataract is something that your eye doctor in Orange County watches very carefully. Fortunately, cataracts often progress at a pace that allows you time to work with your doctor to determine the best timing in which to have the lens corrected.

Cataracts, which Dr. Salib treats in our Orange County facility, are often associated with age. As the body ages, damage can occur in the proteins within the lens of the eye. This damage results in opacity in the lens, blurring or clouding the vision. A cataract may be cortical, nuclear, or posterior subcapsular, each of which is addressed with great precision by Dr. Salib.

Although it is difficult to determine who may develop cataracts and who will retain clearer vision well into their latter years, research has indicated that ethnicity as well as family history may play a role in the formation of cataracts. These risk factors are out of our control. However, preventive steps can be taken if your doctor has determined you may be prone to cataracts.

Research has shown that avoiding use of tobacco products, practicing a high standard of sun protection with specific eyewear, and proper nutrition can aid in keeping the eyes as healthy as possible.

We have long heard that our dietary habits have an impact on the body. Many people have been taught that carrots equal better eye health. Several research studies have provided detail regarding the link between nutrition and eye health, specifically in the area of cataracts, pointing specifically to the powerful properties of antioxidants.
  • The Nurse's Health Study revealed that those who took vitamin C supplements for a ten years or more experienced fewer instances of cataracts than those who did not supplement.
  • Vitamin C and E were shown in The Nutrition and Vision Project to decrease the progression of nuclear cataracts when taken for ten or more years.
  • The Longitudinal Study of Cataracts showed that existing nuclear cataracts were less prone to becoming severe when regular supplementation of vitamin E was maintained.
The more we learn about how to maintain healthy eyes, the better we can protect our vision. Dr. Salib, at The Orange County Eye Institute, follows his patients' eye health over months and years so that they can retain their best vision.

Regular eye exams are beneficial for the preservation of clear vision. Contact our office today for your eye exam.

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