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Why many cataract surgeries are performed with the LenSx laser in our Laguna Hills facility

Choices are important in every aspect of life. At Orange County Eye Institute, we believe that our patients are best served when choices exist to meet their needs and expectations. In the area of cataract surgery, patients can choose the type of intraocular lens that will best support their day-to-day activities. Keeping with our commitment for choice, we also give patients the opportunity to choose between manual cataract surgeries or laser assisted cataract surgeries with the LenSx laser.

Performed by skilled Laguna Hills eye specialist, Dr. George Salib, cataract surgery is performed efficiently and carefully with either method. The benefits of laser-assisted procedures, however, cannot be overlooked. Using LenSx, certain steps in the surgical process can be automated and the predictability of outcome is improved.

How LenSx® works

The precision of laser technology is harnessed in the LenSx® instrument, allowing us to plan a procedure around the unique characteristics of each patient's eye. This system is bladeless, creating incisions with an intense beam of laser light. Before any incisions are made, the LenSx® system captures images of the eye in order to automate certain aspects of the procedure.

The computerized LenSx® femtosecond laser system is operated by Dr. Salib, an Orange County eye specialist with years of experience in cataract surgeries. By directing the laser over the eye in a very precise manner, Dr. Salib achieves the level of accuracy necessary for the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Planning for the future

The surgical procedure is only the first part of optimal treatment for cataracts. After the clouded lens has been removed, it is necessary to replace this lens with the appropriate intraocular lens. Choosing an intraocular lens becomes easier with detailed information provided by your eye specialist. Today it is possible to replace affected lenses with standard IOLs or premium IOLs. Early treatment for cataracts with only standard IOLs left patients relying on corrective lenses for the rest of their life. Today, premium lenses can restore vision to the highest possible degree, significantly decreasing the need for corrective eyewear.

Trust in the extensive background of your Orange County cataract surgeon to achieve your restorative goals. Contact Orange County Eye Institute at (949) 441-5444.

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