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The best care for aging patients and those with cognitive conditions may involve a visit to a cataract surgeon in Orange County

Health care for the aging individual is a complex matter. With various conditions affecting cognitive and motor skills, there has been a big question mark over the appropriateness of cataract surgery in certain instances, such as in patients with Alzheimer's. The more research that is going into the best standard of care for patients of all ages, the more we are discovering that vision correction done by an experienced cataract surgeon may improve quality of life, something all people deserve. If you live in Orange County and want more information on cataracts and cataract removal surgery, contact Orange County Eye Institute to speak with a friendly member of our staff.

Recent research findings made public at the 2014 Alzheimer's Association International Conference showed that there is good reason to consider cataract surgery for the individual with Alzheimer's. Not only did patients themselves benefit from clearer vision, demonstrating slower decline in memory, but their caregivers also experienced immense benefit. According to the report, Alzheimer's patients treated for the removal of obtrusive cataracts were able to maintain greater mobility due to improved vision.

Aging patients, in addition to the risk of cognitive decline, also tend to experience diminished physical ability and, as a result, a greater risk of falling. This natural increase due to lowered muscle mass is compounded when the individual also has difficulty seeing clearly. In one study of 400 individuals over age 50, a 78 percent decrease in the risk of falls occurred in the year after participants had cataracts removed from just one eye. Researchers believe these findings suggest that worsening cataracts increase the risk of falls and that early treatment has clear advantages.

Cataract surgery involves specific technique that is determined by the unique needs of the patient. Some patients may be treated with ultrasound technology through which the clouded lens is emulsified before removal, where others may benefit the most from complete removal of the solid lens through a tiny incision. Regardless of the technique employed, most patients experience very little discomfort following their procedure.

Dr. George Salib is renowned for his expertise in treating eye conditions with proven methods. Learn more about cataract removal when you visit Orange County Eye Institute, located in Laguna Hills.

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