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As we age, we become increasingly at risk for vision issues, including cataracts. Dr. George Salib offers several effective cataract procedures to his patients in Laguna Hills, CA.


A cataract occurs when the (normally) clear lens of your eye begins to cloud. For those who develop a cataract, vision could be described as looking through a fogged-up or frosty window. Impaired vision caused by a cataract could have a significant impact on your life, impairing your ability to do everyday activities such as driving, reading, or even seeing the expression on a loved one’s face. A cataract will often develop slowly.

Multifocal Lenses

A multifocal lens contains multiple prescriptions within a single lens and is made to target vision at varying distances from the wearer. This type of all in one lens is great for assisting with age-related vision problems and for eyes which can no longer focus on objects that appear up close. A multifocal lens has a smooth, gradual transition between the prescription for seeing things close up (such as reading) and for viewing objects further off in the distance.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery, an advanced form of cataract surgery, utilizes femtosecond laser technology in order to allow an exact level of precision and accuracy during the procedure. Traditionally, cataract surgery has been performed by hand, but laser technology, due to it’s enhanced precision levels, is replacing this traditional method in all steps of the process including:

  • Corneal incision
  • Anterior capsulotomy
  • Lens and cataract fragmentation

The accuracy provided by laser technology can reduce certain risks and improve the overall outcome of cataract surgery.


The crystalens is the first (and only) FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens designed for the visual correction of adults with cataracts. The crystalens is modeled after the human eye lens and utilizes the eye muscle to flex and accommodate to focus on objects in the wearer’s environment at all distances. It can dynamically adjust to the wearer’s visual needs and offers a single focal point throughout a constant range of vision from far to near, and everything in between.


TRULIGN lenses have been developed to correct cataracts, astigmatism, and presbyopia concurrently. While standard monofocal lenses used for cataract surgery were developed to specifically treat cataracts, TRULIGN lenses will leave you with a broader range of vision, bringing your world into sharp, clear focus. In many cases, you will enjoy increased independence from your glasses.

Toric IOL

Cataract patients are now offered a choice for reducing and eliminating pre-existing astigmatism through the Toric Intraocular Lens, which is designed to provide quality distance vision and astigmatism correction all in one step.

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